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In memoriam: Miguel Marroquin

Miguel Marroquin

The College is deeply saddened by the loss of Miguel Marroquin, whose presence in the Falcon's Nest will be missed by all students, faculty, staff and alumnae who knew him. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

In tribute to Miguel, we invite you to share your memories.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you, Miguel. I am happy to have known you.
-Margie Grandinetti

Miguel was an all around nice guy was a friend and confidante to many. One of his special skills was taking time to know the people he served....turning all of us into his friends. He was fun to hang out with which makes his passing so much harder. His presence, laugh, and relentless teasing will be greatly missed.
-Cynthia Fulford

I am sorry that I did not have the honor to know Miguel. My condolences to his family.
-Linda Vola '72

Miguel, I want to thank you for all the smiles that you created on campus whenever someone came in to order food. Your laugh made anyone's day better and the fact that you care enough to learn our names really made you stand far above the rest. I hope you get to see (President) Dorothy Blaney up in heaven. We will miss you always!
-Amanda R. '06 and '13

Miguel was the server at the Class of '77 dinner at last year's reunion and he did a most magnificent job, efficient, thoughtful, attentive to all our needs, sometimes before we realized them ourselves. An entire year later, when I walked into the Falcon's Nest for lunch on Friday of this year's reunion, he remembered me immediately. I had only the slightest contact with him, just a few days in June each year, but what an impression he made. The world has lost a wonderful spirit.
-Pam Saunders '77

Miguel was in the Falcon's Nest when I was a student, and again when I returned as a staff member. He was always sweet to everyone, and his smile and kindness will be missed, on and off campus.
-Samantha Buker '11

Miguel, You will most definitely be missed in the CCC community. Not only did you make the best wraps (I still say they are the best ever), but you served them with smile and with care. It was always a joy coming to get lunch in the bistro where you would be there already knowing most of what we wanted and took time to make some small talk or share a good joke. RIP Miguel.
-Marlena H. '10

Miguel, You will be missed. Thank you for making my visits to the Falcon's nest worth wild. I will miss our jokes and british accents.
-Shani M. '12

When I look back at Cedar Crest my memories always come back to the people that cared for me. Miguel, you were always so kind to me and went out of your way for me and my friends. I will always remember, very fondly, when I won one of your many contests in The Bistro and the evening you served me and my roommate an amazing dinner in the Presidents dinning room. The best part of the evening, other than the amazing food, was you. You were SO happy to be there. You were HAPPY to serve us this amazing dinner because you really did care for us; you cared for all the students there. Plus, you looked very handsome in your formal attire. You helped make my years at Cedar Crest so special. I only wish that Cedar Crest's future students could have had the pleasure of your company like we had.
-Hauna C. '11

I'm thankful I was able to see you this week. I'm thankful we carried on like usual. I'm thankful we laughed at each others jokes. But most importantly, I'm thankful we were friends. I will miss seeing you on campus, but know you are at peace. God Speed, Miguel.
-Audra Kahr

Miguel always went above and beyond for everything and everyone. He always had a smile for the people that passed through and CCC will never be able to replace him.
-Tareva Byrd

Miguel, you were always the highlight of my day. I loved going into the bistro to see what you were up to and what jabs you could take at my sports teams. Even in losing a bet to a bitter rival you had a smile on your face and wore that Red Sox gear proudly. I'm so glad I was able to see you last month - I was so excited to see you again after 3 years. Thank you so much for everything you did for me in my 5 years at the Crest; it'll never be forgotten. Cedar Crest will never be the same without you.
-Vanessa G

Miguel, I am truly saddened and in shock over the news of your passing. I will always remember how warm and kind-hearted you were. I hope you realized how important you were to our Cedar Crest. May you rest in peace. Thank you for everything.
-Erica '11

Miguel, not only were you a fantastic and creative chef, but you were also an incredibly caring individual. You gave everyday your all and I will always remember the smiles and conversations that we had. You cared about the students here at CCC and made it a point to go out of your way to accommodate people and make their days a little brighter. You will be dearly missed by everyone in the Cedar Crest campus community.
-Brittany D

You will be greatly missed Miguel!
-Brandy B.

He made me laugh every day. He is sincerely missed!
-Allison '11

Miguel, thank- you so much for the countless grilled cheeses over four years. Thank-you for the jokes and the stories and the encouragement. Than-you for the memories.
-Angie S. '13

Miguel, thank you for all of the times you made food for me, especially when I wanted something not on the menu. It wasn't just the free food or going out of your way to make sure I got to class on time. It was the company that came a long with it. Thanks for all of the fun memories, and no one can live up to all the support you gave me for my 4 years at CCC. -Lizzy S. '12

Miguel, Taco Thursdays will not be the same without you.
-Brooke S.

Miguel was a true icon of the Falcon's Nest. His presence there and dry sense of humor were part of the personality of the place. He will be missed by many on and off campus.
-Paul Pastrone