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IT Director Lauds Mayer Hiring at Yahoo

When Marissa Mayer recently left Google after 20 years to become president and CEO of Yahoo, she became one of the most prominent women executives in Silicon Valley. While there are still hurdles to be cleared, it's exciting to see qualified women climbing the ladder in the male-dominated world of IT, according to Cedar Crest College IT Director Kathy Cunningham.

Kathy Cunningham
Kathy Cunningham
Director of Information Technology

"Congratulations to Marissa Mayer, the newly named CEO at Yahoo. As a fellow woman working in the male-dominated field of technology for more than 20 years, I know all too well the roadblocks women can encounter as they pursue this career path," said Cunningham. "In the early days of my career in technology sales, I was one of only two female salespeople in a group made up almost entirely of men. I had to work twice as hard to gain their respect, and even harder with my male customers, who were used to dealing with other men and initially didn't take me seriously.

"Today, not much has changed and there are still too few women in technology leadership roles. However, Yahoo has made it more difficult for other companies to ignore women as a leadership candidate and acknowledges the fact that women can be formidable forces in tech careers, even when they're six months pregnant."
Cunningham also called Mayer-who is highly respected for her work on Google's white search page, Gmail, and Google Maps-a "pioneer."

"She is an inspiration to young women considering a technology-related career. She has a tough job ahead of her in her efforts to save Yahoo and I wish her luck and much success," said Cunningham.