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Helen Thomas Remembered

Helen Thomas was a true journalist, and a groundbreaking one at that. She was the first woman to join both the White House Correspondents' Association and serve as its president, in addition to being the first woman member of the Gridiron Club. Helen covered the White House for more than 40 years, from the Kennedy administration to the second year of the Obama administration.

Helen Thomas

The College is saddened to hear of Helen’s passing, and we are grateful for her example to young women aspiring to do great things in all fields.

Some of our communication students had the opportunity to see Helen speak at the 2011 College Media Advisers Conference in NYC, and had this to say of their experience:

"Helen Thomas is a woman who broke many barriers in her career and being able to see her speak about that was truly an honor. As an alumna of a women's college, in my own way I aspire to be like Helen Thomas in whatever career path I choose.” Jade Abston ‘12

"Seeing Helen Thomas speak was a unique experience. In her own narratives of White House events and in answering questions from us college students, she never faltered in her memory of those tough times, times that were past many of our times. Helen was even up on current events, giving her opinion on Wikileaks when one student asked, which was a new event at that time. I shouldn't be surprised, though; after all, she was a reporter! Hearing about her passing shocked me, because she always seemed to be articulate and sharp. I certainly hope that more women will not only follow in her footsteps, but will do so with the same knowledge and boldness." Morgan Keschl ‘13

"Helen Thomas inspired so many young women to follow in her footsteps, to challenge the ideals that turned women away from certain fields because they were considered ‘the fairer sex’ and live up to their full potential. I am honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to see Helen speak, it’s a memory I will carry with me through my own career; a reminder to be a human, not just a woman.” Samantha Buker, ‘11