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'Intersections' Exhibition Presents Work of Art Department Chair Odegaard

Cedar Crest College presents an exhibition of Art Department Chair Jill Odegaard’s work titled, “Intersections,” from Sept. 21 to Jan. 22 in Cressman Library, with an artist talk and reception scheduled for Oct. 20, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. The exhibition, which will primarily feature papermaking and fabrics pieces, is free and open to the public.

Jill Odegaard

“Intersections” reflects the influence that Odegaard’s co-existing roles as teacher, administrator, wife and mother have had on her art, and speaks to Cedar Crest College’s mission to educate the whole student to assume various leadership responsibilities.

Her work with fabric and imagery is also suggestive of the intersection of woven materials as part of an organizational structure. Sources of inspiration include patterns and systems found in nature, grid structures, board games, design elements and fiber art techniques and traditions.

“Over time I have discovered ways to stay connected to my art-making through projects that I can take along the way,” said Odegaard, who crafted the pieces featured in “Intersections” during a recent sabbatical. “I can start a piece of embroidery and pick up where I left off whenever I want. My studio work and approach is dependent on life’s situations of time, space and responsibilities.”
Time may be scarce, but curiosity and attention to detail are vital elements of Odegaard’s art. She has devoted much of her recent time in the studio to pulp painting, a papermaking technique during which colored pulps are embedded into a base sheet of handmade paper to create an unusual layered effect. Her embroidered pieces are also largely exploratory in nature as she responds to the designs of printed fabrics and connects to the tradition of stitching and handwork, which should interest quilt makers and others who work with textiles.

Odegaard holds a BFA from Minnesota State University—Moorhead, and an MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has shown her art work extensively throughout the United States and beyond, most recently at a group exhibition at the Minden Hills Cultural Centre in Minden, Ontario. Her fabric piece titled, “Spaces Between,” was part of that show and it will also be part of the Cedar Crest exhibition.

Odegaard’s work has also appeared in solo exhibitions at Cedar Crest in 2002 and 2006, and she said it’s important that faculty members continue to create and display art on campus as a mentoring tool for their students.

“As a professor of art, it’s essential for me to be immersed in generating ideas and producing work,” she said. “If I am personally involved in the creative process I am able to guide my students through it.”

The “Intersections” exhibit featuring the art of Jill Odegaard is free and open to the public. Call Cressman Library at 610-606-4605 for art gallery hours.

For additional information contact Gallery Coordinator Brian Wiggins at 610-606-4666, ext. 3469.








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