Make the Most
of a Conference

Network–Approach someone standing alone; find out what she does, why she’s there and what you have in common, then exchange business cards.

Have a purpose–Networking isn’t just about building relationships; if someone can help you in a specific way, ask for it.

Tweet tweet–Fire up that Twitter account and monitor the conference in real time; it’s a great way to connect with people.

Student Presents Cracks Made By Women in 'Marble Ceiling'

The glass ceiling, also referred to as the marble ceiling, is cracking.

Currently more women are entering the workforce in higher ranking positions than their predecessors. I have created a visual representation with my choreography of the way in which opportunities for women in the workplace, while still not ideal, are quickly evolving.

The isolation women feel when first entering the workforce, the constriction experienced when trying to achieve high ranking positions and the determination that women continue to have in breaking the barrier of gender inequality is shown through this non-verbal presentation. According to Linda Tarr-Whelan, "if we rate skills where women shine as the essential ingredients in leadership, the leadership frame will begin to shift. Women have systematically exposed the fallacious constructs traditionally used against them, and changed and enlarged the frame through which women are viewed" (Women Lead The Way).

Nancy Pelosi, first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives, stated in an interview that "this Congress is steeped in tradition and history, and it's very hard for a woman to succeed to the level that I have, and I think it sends a message to all women that if this can happen, anything can happen" (Pelosi: I’ve Broken The Marble Ceiling).

Due to the impact of the persistent efforts by women in today’s society, no job position is thought as non-attainable for women as they may have been a century, even a decade, ago. The evolution brought about by this positive impact is resulting in women earning more college degrees than men and in some cases women earning higher salaries than their husbands. The value of women, both at home and in the workplace, is being recognized. Women bring their own perspective, voice, strength, skill, knowledge and insight to the table. Framework of the perspective of females in the workplace is necessary in order to progress and improve profits and to expand and break through gender boundaries.

About Natalie Shute

Natalie Shute is a senior Business Administration and Dance double major with a minor in Accounting from Sewell, NJ.

Previous credits include Liz in Chicago: The Musical, dancer in The Messiah: A Soulful Celebration, Moby Dick! The Musical, Dead Man’s Cellphone, 9 to 5: The Musical, Winter Dances(2009), Student Dance Works(2009-12), and Spring Dances(2010-12). She was also the choreographer for the Student Dance Works concert in both 2011 and 2012.

Natalie is the President of Nu Delta Alpha, a member of the Cedar Crest College Dance Company, and a member of the Monarch Dance Company. She also works in the box office and serves as Vice President of the Society of Human Resource Management organization on campus. She aspires to attend law school after graduation.