Office of Student Activities:
Clubs and Organizations on Campus

Students have an opportunity to participate in numerous activities designed to help them develop their leadership skills and abilities and to network and interact with students from a diversity of backgrounds. At Cedar Crest, students can get involved by joining, leading, or creating an organization. With over 50 active clubs and organizations, students are sure to find a group of peers with similar interests and passions.

Working with the director of student activities and the entire student affairs staff, students will help develop their professional skills by participating in workshops, leadership trainings, and planning events. The Cedar Crest College experience is one where students will learn, grow, and develop into the type of professional able to lead in our globally diverse society.

What We Do:

  • Serve as a resource for existing or the creation of new student clubs/organizations
  • Work with student leaders and advisors to ensure organizational success
  • Provide workshops/seminars on professional leadership development topics (graduate school, dining etiquette, salary negotiation, resume/cover letter writing, etc.)
  • Work to ensure that students have opportunities that help them develop the following skills/abilities: Communication Skills, Community and Global Involvement, Conflict Management, Critical Thinking and Decision-Making, Appreciation of Diversity, Professionalism
  • Promote student involvement in experiential learning opportunities (community service/service learning, student leadership-clubs/organizations, internships)

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