Commuter Life

Tips for Commuter Student Success

Cedar Crest StudentCommuter students face many of the same concerns as students living on campus – making new friends, finding ways to become involved on campus, time management, handling college finances, and learning new study skills.

There are also some unique challenges for students living at home or off campus. Commuters often believe that students who live on campus have more time to engage socially and therefore have more fun, friends, and freedom. At Cedar Crest College, commuters can have the same opportunities as residential students! To make the most of these opportunities and overcome the challenges faced by off-campus living, commuters may have to approach events and activities with a different perspective. Students who understand the unique challenges of commuting are more likely to have a positive experience on campus!

Tips from Fellow Commuter Students:

  • Acknowledge the Challenge of Commuting - Recognize that you will spend time waiting for a bus, riding to school, driving, or finding parking. Commuting to campus takes time – be realistic about travel expectations.
  • Share Your Commitment to Academics with Family and Friends - Discuss changes in your schedule and request more flexibility from with your family responsibilities. You’ll need support from family and friends, who can help you pave the way towards academic success.
  • Be Alert to Peak Times; Mark them on Your Calendar- Midterms and exams are particularly difficult times for students. Taking time off from work commitments and informing family and friends of your academic goals is essential.
  • Stay on Campus between classes and attend Campus Events - Students feel more committed to college and have a higher success rate when they participate in activities and share their experiences with other students. You will grow as a student and as a person through the relationships that you form with faculty, staff and students.
  • Consider Purchasing a Commuter Meal Plan - Eating on campus is another way that students can connect to each other and develop important support networks.
  • Most Commuter Students Work: Balance Work with Academic and Social Commitments - There are benefits to working on-campus or off-campus jobs. Balance work with other commitments that promote growth and development.
  • Stay Informed - Be informed of campus events. Read the Crestiad, check out the Cedar Crest website, and review your email regularly. Be alert to event fliers and posters around. Don’t miss out on exciting campus opportunities due to a lack of information.

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