Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program at Cedar Crest College was created to further develop the leadership philosophy, skills, and abilities of “the next generation of women leaders.” It is grounded in the Social Change Model of Leadership which results in positive social change by using a values-based and collaborative approach.  The Emerging Leaders program provides participants with a practical foundation for implementing change on campus and beyond. 

Students who benefit most from the program include those who are interested in working with a small team of students to implement a new program/initiative that will create positive change on campus. Participants will discuss their ideas, design a strategic plan and timeline, and present their ideas to peers for feedback.

The program is an overnight experience that runs from Friday afternoon until late Saturday evening, and includes a bonding experience, step by step instruction and mentoring support from a staff consultant. The best initiatives are those that are grounded in real issues that can be addressed in one or two semesters. Past cohorts were responsible for successfully implementing the Weekendpalooza initiative, contributing to the improvement of the Leadership Scholar Program (later renamed LEAD program), and creating cross-cultural collaborative programming for Holocaust Week.

Calls for nominations (self-nominations accepted) are advertised in August through the middle of September. Applications and interviews take place from mid-September until the first week in October. The retreat usually takes place the last week in October.