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Office of Leadership and Student Development

Welcome to the Leadership and Student Development webpage!

The Leadership Offices, comprised of the offices of Commuter Life, Community Service, and Student Activities is an essential part of the leadership and professional development of the next generation of women leaders.

In our efforts to actualize the mission of the university, members of the unit work with all facets of the Cedar Crest College campus and the Greater Lehigh Valley communities to offer students a variety of extra- and co-curricular activities and experiences that supplement their academic and intellectual development.

We strive to create an environment that is stimulating and responsive to the professional development needs and goals of students. As numerous opportunities exist for students to engage meaningfully with the campus, the greater Lehigh Valley Community, and beyond, we encourage students to be self-motivated and proactive in taking advantage of the services offered throughout the unit, on campus, and in our community.

Our staff is looking forward to working with students to help them design their professional vision(s), create their individualized professional development plan, and provide or guide them to the leadership and experiential opportunities that will set them on the course to success.

The upcoming academic school year is going to be an exciting year for the students at Cedar Crest because whatever our students can dare to dream, we will dare to help them achieve!

Our Mission

To provide opportunities to develop leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare students to meet the challenges of our diverse, global society.

Our Vision

The Leadership Office aspires to develop women to lead with integrity and confidence, through change and towards improvement and inclusion.