President Ambar Presides over the Open Door Ceremony

2017-2018 Board of Trustees


Rear Admiral David P. Keller, Chair
Joni J. Berner ‘75, Vice Chair
Dr. Elizabeth Meade, President


John Bassler
Deborah Millar Besemer ‘76
Barbara Bigelow
Dr. Julie Englund
Sylvia Betz Gardner ‘71
Phyllis Grube
Susan A. Heller
Robin Ingram ‘74
Donna Introcaso
Dr. Richard Kliman
Dr. Lucie Lapovsky
Patti Lehr ‘79
Virginia Pityo Mihalik ‘77
Samuel Miranda Jr. ‘81
Janet Moore ‘85
Herbert Morey
Diamond Scott ‘18
Meg Schonemann ‘78
Dr. Lorraine Amory Soisson ‘88
Michael Stoudt Jr.
Jennifer Kroeber Tse ‘87
Brian Wanamaker
John Zembron

Life Trustees

Dr. David Finn
Edward L. Jones, Jr., Esq.
Dr. Alice Anne Miller

Emeritus Trustee

Phyllis Caponetti Meyer ‘64


Cedar Crest College Board of Associates

Susan Kollet-Harris, President

Warren Armstrong
Clara Jo Cheney '81
Lin Erickson
James Harper
Jo-Ann Kelly
Charles Kelly
Linda Rosenfeld
Lynald E. Silsbee
Nancy Stansbery
David V. Voellinger


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Provides student support, including tutors, advising, assistance with disabilities, ESL and many other services.
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