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Visitation Policy

Guests are welcomed on campus and in the residence halls and are required to abide by all College rules and policies. It is the responsibility of each resident student to familiarize her guests with all College policies and expectations of behavior. Resident students are directly responsible for the behavior of their guests and share responsibility for ensuring the safety of the residence halls. Guests must carry valid photo identification at all times and provide it immediately upon request from any College official.

Cedar Crest Commuter Students

An integral part of the Cedar Crest community, commuter students have guest visitation privileges. Commuters do not need to complete a guest registration form when in the halls during the day and are required to be familiar with and to abide by hall guidelines. Between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m., commuter students will need to be hosted by a resident and registered.

Cedar Crest Resident Students

Resident students may not provide their ID card to anyone to access the halls. Resident students who wish to visit a hall other than the one where they reside do not need to complete a guest registration form. While in a different hall, residents are required to abide by all hall guidelines.


Visits Under One Hour

Resident students are required to register all off-campus, non-Cedar Crest student guests immediately. However, in recognition of short term visits (i.e. meeting up with friends before going out to dinner and a movie or friend helping a resident move some belongings), residents are allowed to host guests for a maximum of one hour before they are required to register them. Guests may not be in the hall if their hostesses are not in the hall.

Visits Longer than One Hour/Overnight

Residents are permitted to have guests over the age of 12 stay overnight in the residence halls. Overnight visits are limited to two consecutive nights at a time, and eight nights total each month. Residents must register non-Cedar Crest College guests (or Cedar Crest College commuters visiting between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.) using the online guest registration system. In the event that the online system is not available, paper copies will be available from your Resident Advisor or Hall Director. Guests may not be in the hall if their hostesses are not in the hall.

Escorting Guests

Residents must escort their non-Cedar Crest College guests at all times while in the building in public settings i.e. lounges, kitchen, laundry room, etc.

Guests may remain in the resident's room without their hostesses for up to 30 minutes. This is also subject to roommate approval and the roommate agreement. During this time the hostess must be in the building.

When guests wish to use the bathroom and shower facilities, they may do so unescorted if they are carrying the guest registration form with them. Residents and guests are required to change signs on the front of bathroom doors to reflect current status. Sign options are:

"Woman in the bathroom. Men, please announce." is the default status. In addition, male guests must announce their presence and request to enter the bathroom. If a male guest is not comfortable doing this, then it is the responsibility of the hostess.

Honor Code and Community Standards in the Residence Halls

Residents must uphold the tenets of the honor code at all time, which includes ensuring that guests are not living in the hall or causing an undue burden to the community. An undue burden to the community can be defined as, but is not limited to, the following: a pattern of guest visitation that involves a guest's presence for four or more days per week for more than one time in a semester; interference with the academic mission of the College; and/or regular use of shared hall facilities, i.e. bathroom, kitchen, lounges and laundry room.

Visitation Policy Violations

Guest visitation is a privilege on the Cedar Crest College campus; the department of residence life will address any concerns regarding guest visitation. Violations of the visitation policy may result in sanctions up to and including eviction from the residence hall. Please see below for more detail.

Minimum sanctions for visitation policy violations are as follows:

1st offense = Written Warning

2nd offense = $50 Fine

3rd offense = Loss of Visitation for One Semester

A student found responsible for a visitation violation has the right to appeal to the director of residence life. The written appeal should be made within 10 business days from receipt of the decision letter and must clearly explain, in detail, the basis for the appeal.

New Student Orientation

Due to the nature of the program, guests are not allowed to stay with new students during the summer or fall orientation programs. This is an opportunity for students to meet and interact with peers. Visitation will be granted to new students on the first day of class.

Request for Exception

To request an exception to the visitation policy, residents should speak to their hall director and receive written approval at least 10 days prior to the proposed visit.

Parking Information

Click on the link below to get information on where your guests can park while on campus.

Parking Information