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The CCC Nurse Anesthesia Entry-Level BSN to DNP program is a thirty-six month full time program designed for the post baccalaureate RN seeking certification in anesthesia and doctoral education.  CCC just underwent a multi-million dollar expansion of the Nursing Learning Resource Center (NLRC) which is a state of the art simulation facility.  All nurse anesthesia students will have the opportunity to learn in a hands on environment to promote more effective learning.  This curriculum integrates didactic coursework with over 2,000 hours of clinical rotations, ensuring that students will administer more than 800 anesthetics to patients undergoing a wide variety of surgical and/or diagnostic procedures.

First Year

Students are predominantly in the didactic phases of the curriculum in addition to high fidelity simulation starting in the third semester.  Students will develop airway management skills, positioning, patient safety, medication administration and sequence development, among other skills prior to starting clinical practicum.

Second Year

Students have a mix of didactic, simulation and clinical practicum during the second year.  Some simulation activity include a Difficult Airway Workshop, Pediatric Boot Camp, and Crisis Resource Management Scenarios. Clinical skills start to develop, and the student becomes more familiar with the operating room environment and is able to apply theory to practice. DNP Leadership Practicum I is also introduced in the spring semester of the second year which combines practicum experiences with scholarly activities to provide in-depth learning to develop a proposal for the DNP project.

Third Year

In the third year, students continue their clinical practicum, finalize the DNP project and prepare for the National Certification Exam with on-campus mandatory study days throughout the year.

Locations for Didactic and Simulation Classes

The nurse anesthesia program at CCC will utilize a variety of didactic and simulation instructors from the tri-state area. CCC nurse anesthesia program will participate in a ‘shared’ curriculum format, which allows us to utilize the best anesthesia providers as instructors for our courses. CCC and The Frank J. Tornetta School of Anesthesia at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery will participate in a ‘shared curriculum’ format for a variety of didactic and simulation courses. All didactic faculty members are experts in their field.

Classes will be held in state of the art classrooms located at either Cedar Crest College Hamilton Building HBB), the Frank J. Tornetta School of Anesthesia at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery (Karabots Professional Building, 1330 Powell, Suite 608, Norristown, PA 19401) or the La Salle University satellite campus located in Plymouth Meeting, PA. All students are expected to rotate among the three academic sites.

Employment During the Program

This is highly discouraged to work through the program.  Every student study skills are different.  SRNAs can expect to study 3 – 5 hours per weeknight and 6 – 8 hours per weekend day during the program, in addition to clinical requirements which can be up to 32 to 40 hours per week. 


MSN Core Courses Online (15 credits)
NAP 514 Informatics & Technology
NAP 520 Vulnerable Populations: Nursing Perspectives
NAP 550 Physiology & Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing
NAP 551 Advanced Health and Physical Assessment across the Lifespan
NAP 552 Pharmacological Principles of Clinical Therapeutics

Nurse Anesthesia Core Courses on campus (52 credits)
NAP 701 Introduction to Nurse Anesthesia Practice
NAP 702 Basic Principles of Nurse Anesthesia
NAP 703 Bioscience for Nurse Anesthesia
NAP 704 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology for Nurse Anesthesia
NAP 705 Nurse Anesthesia Pharmacology
NAP 706 Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia
NAP 707 Anesthetic Management for Special Procedures I
NAP 708 Anesthetic Management for Special Procedures II
NAP 709 Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
NAP 710 Crisis Resource Management
NAP 711 Senior Seminar
NAP 750 Introduction to Clinical Practicum
NAP 751 Clinical Practicum I
NAP 752 Clinical Practicum II
NAP 753 Clinical Practicum III
NAP 754 Clinical Practicum IV
NAP 755 Clinical Practicum V
NAP 756 Clinical Practicum VI

DNP Core Courses Online (28 credits)
NAP 801 Methods of Scholarly Inquiry
NAP 802 Biostatistics for Evidenced Based Practice
NAP 803 Theories of Leadership & Organization
NAP 804 Health Policy, Economics, & Finance
NAP 805 Foundation for Transformation: Translating Evidence into Practice
NAP 850 DNP Leadership Practicum I
NAP 851 DNP Leadership Practicum II
NAP 852 DNP Scholarly Project
NAP 853 DNP Scholarly Project: Maintenance of Candidacy (if needed)






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