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Joshua Harrington
Mathematics Department Chair
Mathematics Assistant Professor
610-437-4471 Ext 3375

Department of Mathematics

Joshua Harrington, Ph.D.

Mathematics Department Chair
Assistant Professor
Curtis 217
Ext. 3375





B.S. in Mathematics, Shippensburg University
Ph.D in Mathematics, University of South Carolina

Research Interests

My primary area of research is Number Theory. I do a lot of research on the properties of polynomials over the ring of integers. Such properties include locations of roots, as well as irreducibility and factorization. I am also very interested in research involving covering systems of the integers. While my primary interests lie in Number Theory, I have also done research in the areas of combinatorics and algebra.


James M. Hammer III, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Curtis 219
Ext. 4449





B.S. in Mathematics, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D in Mathematics, Auburn University

Research Interests

My primary area of research are Greaph Theory and Design Theory. Most of my research are in structural graph theory and graph decompostions. I have also done a lot od work on latin squares, particularly a specific kind of multiple gerechte designs called factor pair latin squares. In addition to studying grpahs, I also enjoy working on elemtary number theory problems, enumeration problems, and other combinatorial puzzles.



Laurette Flanagan-Lebo

Administrative Assistant
Curtis Hall 202
Ext. 3405



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