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Steven Weitz, M.F.A.
Chair/Associate Professor of New Media/Digital Media Arts
610-437-4471 ext. 4483

CCC Radio

If you’ve ever dreamed of hearing your voice on the radio or sharing your favorite songs and opinions with the world, consider adding “member of the CCC Radio staff” to your list of on-campus activities.

Our DJ’s come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including communication, art, biology, psychology and criminal justice majors.

They know that the skills learned on-air—connecting with an audience, public speaking, and time management skills—will serve them well throughout the rest of their lives.

More Reasons to Join CCC Radio

All Cedar Crest students are invited. Students of all academic standing—including first-year, adult and graduate students—are encouraged to join CCC Radio. No experience is required! Radio staff meet regularly for training and planning sessions, and new staff members can request their own show after just a few weeks of training.

Discover (and share) a passion. This is a chance to speak your mind, share your opinions, play your favorite tunes, and connect with an audience you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Expand your skills. You might not dream of a career on the radio—but everyone can benefit from improving their speaking skills. Having strong oral communication skills (and a background in professional audio equipment) can open up a lot of opportunities in the workplace.

Raise your standards. We have high expectations for our DJ’s, and we will provide the training and support you need to help you reach new levels of success. This is a valuable lesson for all career fields: Don’t settle for less than the best, and learn to work with people who can help you attain your goals.

Be heard around the world. Our radio station is broadcast across campus, of course. And thanks to the Internet, our station has fans from across the globe too.

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