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Dietetic Internship Program

Dietetic Internship Mission Statement and Goals


The Dietetic Internship at Cedar Crest College, in accordance with the mission of the College, is dedicated to the education of the next generation of leaders. Cedar Crest College prepares students for life in a global community by educating the whole student. The Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship supports the education, development, and preparation of entry-level registered dietitians through a dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and community preceptors working within program goals and outcomes.
The Dietetic Internship goals for Cedar Crest College reflect program direction for the faculty, staff, and preceptors.

The Dietetic Internship at Cedar Crest College will:

Goal #1: Prepare interns to be fully competent in foundation dietetics knowledge and skills  

Outcome Measures:

Goal #2: Recruit a diverse cohort of motivated and qualified interns dedicated to completion of the internship process

Outcome Measures:

Goal #3: Prepare students who can think critically in the theoretical, practical and evidence-based areas of nutrition and community programming

Outcome Measures:

Goal #4: Instill a strong community spirit in each intern and DI graduate making community service a meaningful component of their professional experience

Outcome Measures:

Goal #5: Foster a learning environment that encourages continuing education within the profession’s guidelines and looks forward toward advanced degrees.

Outcome Measures:

These goals reflect the mission of the Dietetic Internship which mirrors the mission of Cedar Crest College to educate the whole student, preparing them for success in professional and personal life. The CCC Dietetic Internship graduates should be prepared to provide community service to the citizens in their supervised practice communities and the larger global community by providing evidenced based nutrition services. Dietitians provide care to many different culturally diverse groups who often provide unique nutritional challenges. CCC DI graduates are ready to meet those nutritional challenges because of the variety and depth of experiences offered within the internship rotations.

Program outcome data are available on request.



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