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H.E.A.L.T.H.y Nurses Living Learning Community

H.(elping) E.(ducating) A.(chieving) L.(earning) T.(hrough) H.(ealth Promotion) y Nurses

In a Living Learning Community (LLC) at Cedar Crest College, students enjoy a fuller, deeper learning experience by living in a residence hall with other students who share similar interests. The mission of Living Learning Communities at Cedar Crest is to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences to foster characteristics of women’s leadership, civic engagement, and global connectivity. Living Learning Communities cultivate interactions among students, faculty, and staff by building a community of scholars who share common interests.

Students interested in nursing have the opportunity to be part of the H.E.A.L.T.H.y Nurses LLC. This community, partnered with the department of nursing, allows students to explore their personal views of health and wellness while examining different aspects of the nursing field. Students will have the opportunity to interact with nursing faculty, attend various events, and participate in community service projects geared toward nursing.

Students are eligible for acceptance into the H.E.A.L.T.H.y Nurses LCC at the start of their sophomore year. Students participating in this program will:

Shared Readings

Illuminating Florence: Finding Nightingale's Legacy in Your Practice
Alex Attewell M.B.A., B.A., AMA
Nearly 100 years ago, Florence Nightingale’s voice, vision and, values came to life, which live on in todays’ nursing community around the world. Illuminating Florence requires no previous experience or knowledge of the nursing profession, but illustrates the many ways in which Nightingale is just like us and brings to the forefront the profound impact each one of us can make on the nursing profession. This book will make Nightingale accessible, relevant, and allow current and future nurses to find their inner Florence.

We Band of Angels
Elizabeth M. Norman
The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese
In letters, diaries, and firsthand accounts, this book tells what really happened during the nurse’s experiences in internment camps in Japan during World War II. The book explores the history surrounding the events, as well as, the experiences of the nurses. The story is a compelling saga of women in war.

Saving Lives: Why the Media Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All At Risk
Sandy Summer RN, MSN, MPH and Harry Jacob Summers
Saving Lives is destined to change the way people look at the essential role nurses play within the health care system. It explores the public’s perception of nurses and examines the greatest myths about nursing, drawing on examples from television shows, ads, news, and other media. Saving Lives exposes the media’s role in the nursing shortage and the dismissive public perception of nursing.

Course Descriptions

Embracing History; Leaning Forward
(Elective Course offered in Fall)

This course will explore the history of nursing, including how it has changed and expanded through the years and the different definitions of nursing through literature and historial articles. The course will then examine current nursing theorists.
Students will conclude the course using what they have learned from the history, definitions, and current information to plan activities that focus on their own physical education and nutrition while also providing community education regarding such topics. A field trip(s) will be planned to highlight the history of nursing and medicine, as well as, inviting guest speakers as apropriate.

Perceptions of Nursing in the Media
(WR2 Course offered in Spring)

This course will examine the effects of gender bias and the media on the overall health and wellness of the nursing profession. It will provide an introduction to basic terminology, theory, as well as, emphasis on analytial strategies for reading and writing through the use of novels, short stories, and films. With an intense focus on critical thinking, self-reflection, and writing, this course will explore both new and classic issues in nursing.
Students will engage in the written word, community presentations, discussions, and debates to demonstrate affective communication skills and critically analyze issues relevant to the nursing profession and practice. A field trip(s) will be planned to explore the role of the nurse, as well as, hear from guest speakers as appropriate.




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