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Roxanne T. Amico
Department of Performing Arts
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Dance Major

The dance program at Cedar Crest College allows you to view the art of dance from multiple perspectives in order to fully understand it as a discipline of study. As a dance major at Cedar Crest, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to explore your own unique and creative expression as you participate in workshops and performance pieces.

Through classes in tap, jazz, modern and ballet, you will be exposed to different styles of movement, developing discipline-specific technical skills, enhancing perceptual and analytical skills, and increasing your artistic and cultural awareness.

Dance majors have the opportunity to participate in two performances a year, including one choreographed by the students themselves. They also have the opportunity to participate in theatre productions such as plays and musicals.

You will be instructed by a knowledgeable and experienced faculty, as well as encouraged to interact and work with your peers. This interaction challenges you to explain and articulate the meaning behind your creative pieces. It also enables you to improve as an artist, while practicing important skills, such as teamwork and critical thinking.

Cedar Crest places an emphasis on how dance connects with other disciplines within a liberal arts education. Given the framework for the exploration of your own style, you will learn to combine your artistic expression with your other studies and interests, including those that may not directly relate to dance.

Dance at Cedar Crest offers you:

  • The opportunity to participate in dance performances starting your first year
  • Exposure to presentations by peers, beginning in your first year at Cedar Crest
  • The ability to enhance your skill and experience as a choreographer
  • The opportunity to develop your own dance production, including lighting, costume and style
  • The ability to audition for the Cedar Crest Dance Company, choreographed by professional instructors

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