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Department of Performing Arts
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The Performing Arts Mentoring Program

We want to help you reach your full artistic potential: The performing arts department at Cedar Crest College provides students the skills to express themselves at the highest level, while also offering the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Faculty Mentors

Kevin Gallagher with a StudentAs you begin to develop yourself as an artist, you will be required to present your ideas to both the faculty and your peers throughout the course of your education. Starting your first year, the faculty are available to assist with projects, yet allowing you to develop your own personal point of view.

Our faculty has considerable experience in theatre and dance, giving students a valuable resource to help develop their individual passions. While students are expecting to articulate and express their own aesthetics through presentations or a performance piece, they can rely on the faculty to provide constructive feedback and enhance their overall artistic vision.

Peer Mentors

Cedar Crest StudentsBeginning your sophomore year, you will also be exposed to a variety of projects completed by other students at the junior and senior level. Once each month, students and faculty convene for First Friday, a program that provides students with the experience of explaining their work to a larger audience.

First Fridays give students the opportunity to learn from each other, gain feedback from faculty and develop their research and presentation skills. Students learn to not only express themselves through performance, but to also explain the methods behind their projects and communicate their purpose to others.

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