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James Scepansky, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair, Psychology
610-606-4666 ext. 3424

Applied Psychology

Earn your degree more quickly through our online, in-class, and hybrid courses.

The applied psychology major at Cedar Crest College is specially designed for students enrolled in our School of Adult and Graduate Education (SAGE)—that is, students who have not just graduated from high school or transferred to Cedar Crest as an undergraduate.

As an applied psychology major at Cedar Crest, you will learn the theories and methods behind the study of human and animal behavior, thoughts, and emotions. This major is similar to the psychology major offered to traditional students at Cedar Crest; however, the applied psychology major provides more flexibility in terms of course requirements and timing: Many of the courses for this major are offered in the evening in accelerated 7-week sessions via online or hybrid course formats. Like traditional students, SAGE students will have access to Cedar Crest’s state-of-the-art labs and experienced faculty.

In keeping with Cedar Crest’s liberal arts tradition, the applied psychology major emphasizes:

  • Developing critical thinking ability
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Improving awareness of ethical and global issues
  • Developing students’ personal value systems

As an applied psychology major at Cedar Crest, you will:

  • Work one-on-one with our experienced faculty members, each specializing in a different area within psychology
  • Learn foundational theories and methodology of the field, including the value of experiments, observations and surveys
  • Receive professional feedback from faculty, enabling you to perform at the highest level
  • Have the opportunity to receive research training in state-of-the-art laboratories
  • Develop a variety of complementary skills in areas such as oral and written communication, critical thinking, and leadership through class presentations and other assignments

You will also be encouraged to:

  • Participate in an internship or engage in fieldwork that allows you to experience psychology in the working world, as well as to clarify your career goals
  • Integrate psychology with other disciplines by adding another major, minor or concentration (Because psychology examines how and why people act, think and feel, the applied psychology major is particularly useful when combined with other disciplines such as education, criminal justice, communication, business, dance and art.)

Applied Psychology Major Advising Sheet (PDF)
NOTE: You can print out a copy of this sheet to fill out by hand, or save it to your computer and fill out electronically.

Psychology Department Undergraduate Handbook (PDF)

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