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E. Allen Richardson, Ph.D.
Professor, Religious Studies
610-437-4471 ext. 3320

Religious Studies Minor

As a religious studies minor at Cedar Crest, you will gain an understanding of the complex and critical role that religion plays in a country’s culture and the lives of its people. In this program, you will develop your ability to view the world from a global perspective, which is an important quality in many fields.

We offer courses that focus on religion as it is practiced in the United States as well as throughout the world. At Cedar Crest, the religious studies minorfocuses primarily on four major religions:

The Benefits of a Religious Studies Minor

By minoring in religious studies, you will develop your ability to think critically and to view the world’s religious beliefs from multiple perspectives. Cedar Crest College encourages students to pursue all of their interests, including religious studies: In fact, our flexible curriculum makes it easier for students to add minors that complement and support their major. You may choose to add a religious studies minor to any major. Students majoring in business, global studies, and communication have often chosen to minor in religious studies. In doing so, they better prepared themselves for diverse job opportunities.


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