Student Success Center

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Academic Services
Student Success Center in Cressman Library
Phone: 610-606-4628
Fax: 610-606-4673

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Student Success Center will be open whenever the Cressman Library is open. Specific staff and services may have different hours.


Calley Stevens Taylor, Ph.D.
Dean of Student Success  

Susan Barnes, M.S., CRC
Director of Learning and Disability Resources
610-606-4666 ext. 4462

Rebecca Getz-Keller, M.Ed.
Director of Academic Advising
610-606-4666 ext. 3776

Maria Spinosa Ebert, M.Ed.
Director of International Student Services
610-606-4666 ext. 3487

Elena Brobyn-Navarro, M.Ed.
Advising & Retention Specialist
610-606-4666 ext. 3753

Rosanna Cabatic, M.Ed.
Advising & Retention Specialist (International)
610-606-4666 ext. 3591

Renee Doremus, MBA
Academic Advisor (Intended Nursing)
610-606-4666 ext. 3428

Liz Declan, M.A.
Coordinator of Writing and Tutoring Programs
610-606-4666 ext. 4461

Kelcie Molchany, M.S.
Professional Tutor of Mathematics and Chemistry
610-606-4666 ext. 3485

Paige Myers-Ackerman, M.A.
Academic Advisor
610-606-4666 ext. 4567

Timothy Sullivan, BSN
Nursing Tutor (International)
610-606-4666 ext. 4562

Riley Wilkins, M.A.
Advising and Retention Specialist/ACT 101 Coordinator
610-606-4666 ext. 3481

Anyi Ye, M.A.
International Student Adviser
610-606-4666 ext. 4557

Alicia Shussett, MPIA
Office Coordinator

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