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Cedar Crest College is committed to ensuring students with disabilities are welcomed as a part of our diverse community and that they have equal access to participate in all programs and services offered by the College.  The process of requesting and being approved for accommodations is an interactive one and requires student involvement.  Students who intend to request accommodations will need to:

“Self-identify” in order to receive services, by first meeting with the Asst. Director of Learning and Accessibility Services.  During this meeting the student will: discuss a diagnosed condition, the functional limitations the student experiences as a result of this condition, and requests for accommodations (academic, residential and/or dining).

Provide supporting documentation of their condition, which assists in further identifying accommodations that are reasonable and appropriate.  Students are not required to bring documentation to the initial meeting; however, should the student already have documentation (such as school system Evaluation Reports, Re-evaluation Reports, IEP or 504 plans, etc.), it may be provided at that time.  Documentation guidelines will be discussed and provided during the initial meeting.

Students may have diagnosed conditions/disabilities that fall into these categories:  ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Chronic Health Conditions, Cognitive Impairment, Communication Impairment, Food Allergies, Hearing Impairment/Deaf, Intellectual, Learning, Physical (Mobility etc.), Psychiatric/Psychological, TBI/Post-Concussive Syndrome, Visual Impairment/Blind or Other.  Although we typically serve students with permanent conditions/disabilities (over 6 months), we also provide accommodations to students with temporary conditions as the need arises. 

Once a student is approved for accommodations, the Asst. Director works closely with the student, the student’s instructors, and other departments (Residence Life/Housing, Student Affairs, Dining Services etc.) to coordinate provision of accommodations.   Please note that we consider the provision of accommodations to be a “fluid” process: a student’s condition may change, a student may be diagnosed with an additional condition, an accommodation may not be effective, etc.  Therefore, it is important the student work closely and communicate in a timely manner with the Asst. Director for any necessary adjustments throughout their time at Cedar Crest. 

Although accommodations may be requested at any time, it is advisable for incoming first year and transfer students to request accommodations several months in advance of the beginning of their first semester.  Prompt requests will provide adequate time to ensure reasonable and appropriate accommodations are in place for the student prior to the start of classes. 

If you are interested in making an appointment with Susan Barnes, MS, CRC, Asst. Director of Learning & Accessibility Services, please go to https://suebarnes.youcanbook.me and select a “New Student” appointment.  You will then need to complete the form and “confirm” the booking.  Once you have completed this process, you will receive a confirmation email including the day, time and location of your appointment.  Appointments are traditionally scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.   “Please call or email Academic Services (610-606-4628; advising@cedarcrest.edu) if: you require accommodations in order to attend/complete an initial meeting, a traditional “in-person” appointment cannot meet your needs, you require an appointment outside our normal office hours, or you have any questions.”

Welcome to Cedar Crest College!  We look forward to working with you!