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Many degrees at Cedar Crest College require an internship as a prerequisite to graduation.  Students have completed thousands of internships at sites all over the world.  An important part of the internship process is making sure your position is right for your career goals and completing the necessary paperwork.

Finding the right internship can be as easy as making a phone call or can take months of hard work.  It is important for students to follow the guidelines set forth by the College and to prepare themselves for the internship search.

The Career Planning Library also has files on over 400 sites where previous Cedar Crest College students have successfully completed internships. Students can utilize this information at any time by visiting the Career Planning Office but they are not limited to completing an internship at one of these sites.

All paperwork must be completed and turned into the Career Planning Center BEFORE the internship begins.

Internship Paperwork Completion Deadlines:

November 30th
Internships to be completed during the Spring semester

April 29th
Internships to be completed during the Summer* and Fall semesters

August 11th
For students local to the Lehigh Valley that can bring in Fall paperwork after the spring semester ends.

If any of these dates falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday is the actual deadline date.

*For the summer, the completed paperwork needs to be turned in prior to the start of their internship.

Download & Print Internship Forms:

Internship Guidelines (.pdf)

Contract for Credit (.pdf)

Contract for Non-Credit (.pdf)

Student Evaluation (.pdf)

Site Supervisor Evaluation (.pdf)