Dietetic Internship

Program Mission and Goals

The Dietetic Internship at Cedar Crest College, in accordance with the mission of the College, is dedicated to the education of the next generation of leaders. Cedar Crest College prepares students for life in a global community by educating the whole student. The Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship supports the education, development, and preparation of entry-level registered dietitians through a dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and community preceptors working within program goals and outcomes.

Program Goals

The Dietetic Internship goals for Cedar Crest College reflect program direction for the faculty, staff, and preceptors. The Dietetic Internship at Cedar Crest College will:

1) Prepare graduates to be fully competent in foundation dietetics knowledge and skills and to be successful as highly-qualified entry-level dietitians

2) Instill a strong community spirit in each intern, making community involvement a personal and professional priority for each graduate

3) Foster a learning environment that encourages leadership and continuing education

Accreditation Status

The Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. The contact information for ACEND is:

120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190
Chicago, IL 60606-6995

312-899-0040 ext. 5400
1-800-877-1600 ext. 5400

General Program Information

The Dietetic Internship is housed within the Department of Nutrition which is located in the Miller Family Building. Interns within close proximity to the college will have access to various classrooms, computer labs, and the Allen Center for Nutrition Foods Laboratory, all located on the Cedar Crest College campus. All didactic coursework can be completed virtually, with the requirement of an internet connection speed that supports real-time online conferencing (students should not rely on a data account through a cellular service for internet access to complete virtual live class meetings, and internet access should provide a minimum bandwidth of 500 kbps upload and 300 kbps download capability to ensure optimal online learning experiences).

Intern Requirements for ACEND Core Knowledge and Competencies in the Dietetic Internship

Successful completion of the Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship requires interns demonstrate the “breadth and depth of requisite knowledge and skills needed for entry-level practice as a registered dietitian nutritionist” (ACEND Accreditation Standards for Nutrition and Dietetics Internship Programs (DI), 2017, Standard 5, pg 10). The ACEND Core Knowledge and Competencies in the program are defined in the following four Domains*:
Domain 1. Scientific and Evidence Base of Practice: Integration of scientific information and translation of research into practice.
Domain 2. Professional Practice Expectations: Beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors for the professional dietitian nutritionist level of practice.
Domain 3. Clinical and Customer Services: Development and delivery of information, products and services to individuals, groups and populations.
Domain 4. Practice Management and Use of Resources: Strategic application of principles of management and systems in the provision of services to individuals and organizations.
(*The complete list of ACEND Core Knowledge and Competencies can be viewed in the DI Student Handbook and on the ACEND Website at

Didactic course assignments are learning outcome based to meet the ACEND Core Knowledge competencies for entry level practice. Interns must complete and pass all courses and competency-based assignments with a minimum score of 83 percent to successfully complete the dietetic internship. Successful completion results in a Verification Statement which grants eligibility to write the registration examination for dietitians and a program Certificate of Completion.

The Didactic and Coursework and Supervised Practice rotations that must be completed are:
NTR 572 Practicum in Clinical Nutrition Didactic and Supervised Practice
NTR 573 Practicum in Food Service Didactic and Supervised Practice
NTR 574 Practicum in Community Nutrition Didactic and Supervised Practice
NTR 575 Advanced Practicum in Community Nutrition Didactic and
NTR 575 71 Advanced Practice in Community Nutrition Supervised Practice
NTR 561 Diabetes Community Concentration Supervised Practice

Admission Standards and Procedures

Admission Requirements for the Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship include the following:

Applicants to Cedar Crest College’s Dietetic Internship must complete all application materials including the computer matching process. The Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship uses the on-line centralized internship application (DICAS) which can be accessed at The application materials can be found on Cedar Crest College’s web site ( or

Interns are matched with a program through the national D&D matching program in April of a given year. Anyone who is matched must have completed a Bachelor of Science degree from a US accredited college or university or foreign equivalent and have fulfilled the Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics (DP) requirements. A Verification Statement from a DP indicates that the student has met the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) ( If you have not completed the educational requirements at the time of application, an Intent to Complete document from a DP is required. Once matched to Cedar Crest College’s internship, students must meet all admission criteria including health and medical clearances and a criminal background search. You will be required to obtain a ServSafe Manager certification (or be certified with an equivalent food and safety sanitation certification based on your supervised practice state) prior to the Internship Orientation.

Preselect to the Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship

Ten positions in the competitive Cedar Crest College DI are reserved for eligible Cedar Crest College seniors through the preselect process.

Students who achieve a DP GPA of 3.3 or above at the midterm of their senior Fall Semester and have accumulated the recommended body of experiences are eligible to apply for one of the 10 positions available in the Cedar Crest College DI preselect process in October of their senior year.

A meeting with the DP Program Director prior to the start of the fall semester is required to begin this process.

A student who is offered and chooses to accept a position in the Cedar Crest College DI through the preselect process is not eligible to apply to other programs during the national Spring DI match.
Students who do not choose to or are not eligible to participate in the preselect process are eligible to apply to the Cedar Crest College DI (or any other Accredited DI program) during the national DI match in the spring. Cedar Crest College students who participate in the national Spring DI match enter into the regular pool of applicants at that time; positions in the Cedar Crest College DI will not be reserved for Cedar Crest College seniors or alumnae during the national Spring DI match.

D&D Digital Systems Computer Matching

Cedar Crest College participates in the computer matching process which is handled by D&D Digital Systems. Applicants will rank their choice of internship using a code number. The code number is obtained through D&D. There is a $55 fee for using the computer matching process. Once you have identified your internship choices, enter them online at Registration dates for this process TBA by D&D. D&D can be reached at 515-292-0490 or

How to Submit your Application

The completed application packet must be submitted to DICAS by the February deadline for the April match notification. (Date TBA by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) The Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship begins in July.

A Cedar Crest College Onsite or Distance Track Application Checklist form is available on our website and must be completed and sent with our $60.00 application fee. Please note that applicants to the Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship are required to pay just one application fee to the College whether applying to one track only or to both tracks. The Application Checklist and application fee must both be sent to:

Marilou Wieder, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC
Director, Dietetic Internship

Cedar Crest College

100 College Drive

Allentown, PA 18104-6196

Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS)

The Cedar Crest College Dietetic Internship uses the online centralized internship application (DICAS) which can be accessed at; e-mail The fee to use DICAS is $45 for the first application submitted and $20 for each additional application.

Detailed application instructions / information and the Dietetic Internship Student Handbook can be found on our website at

Didactic Coursework and Supervised Practice

There are two components to the Dietetic Internship: the didactic portion and the supervised practice portion. The didactic portion involves attending virtual classes on a weekly basis. Students are informed of their progress in didactic coursework through grades earned on case studies, live discussions, papers, presentations, or other assigned work. All didactic work must be completed successfully in order to complete the internship. The supervised practice portion includes all supervised practice hours in each of the four rotations (Clinical, Community, Community Concentration, and Food Service Management). The required number of practice hours for each rotation (and a total of 1,200 hours) must be completed in order to complete the internship program. Preceptors from each rotation will be evaluating the interns’ performance. There will be required projects, presentations and papers which must be completed successfully in order to complete the internship.

Interns in supervised practice cannot be used to compensate for or support employee shortages and/or absences in any facility.

Maximum Period of Internship

All Dietetic Internship Students must complete the program within 150% of the initial program length (within 15 months).


An intern may withdraw from the program at any time. Once an intern withdraws, his/her position in the program is closed and no longer available for re-admittance. If the intern wishes to reenter the program he/she must reapply as a new student. Previously paid tuition and fees are not refundable. Should the intern reapply and be reaccepted, the previous fees and tuitions will not be credited toward costs for the program.

Health Clearance

Each intern must have a current physical examination. Both a Health History and Immunization Record form must be signed by a physician. It is required that the forms be completed before interns arrive on campus. Interns need to complete all immunizations and other health clearances listed on the program’s list of medical requirements. The physical and immunizations must be current as of the spring of the year interns begin the program and remain current for the duration of the internship. All forms must be completed and be on file at the online portal Castle Branch formerly known as Certified Background one month prior to the July Orientation.

All students are required to submit to any health and background clearances required by the supervised practice site that are not part of the Cedar Crest College general requirements. Completion of all ancillary testing and background checks is are the responsibility of the student.

Once accepted into the Dietetic Internship, all interns will be provided with the information for completing all medical and background checks using “Castle Branch.” No intern will be allowed in a supervised practice setting without a current physical and immunization record.

Substance Abuse and Drug/Alcohol Testing Policy

It is the policy of the Nursing, Nutrition, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Social Work(as applicable) programs to promote a healthy learning environment and to assure that students adhere to the policies of clinical facilities with which the College affiliates for the clinical component of these programs. Many agencies affiliated with these programs now require drug testing of all students. All students enrolled in the Dietetic Internship program will be required to submit to drug testing and consent to the release of test results to Cedar Crest College Health Services and the affiliate agency. In some cases, interns will be required to submit to an additional drug/alcohol screening within 30 days of beginning supervised practice at particular sites. Additionally, any student in the program suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be required to submit to an immediate substance screening, as a condition of remaining in the program.

Evaluation of Professional Experience for Supervised Practice Hour Equivalents

The student must have at least six () one year of full time (at minimum of 32 hours / week) or one year two years of part-time (at minimum of 20 hours / week) work experience in the nutrition discipline at the level of supervised practice for the rotation competencies being challenged. The student must complete the experiential learning portfolio and provide the supervisor signature as proof of experience.

The student cannot challenge more than 300 hours of supervised practice for the entire program and the student may not challenge the hours required for the program's clinical supervised practice or Community Concentration rotation.

Procedure for Prior Professional Experience Evaluation

Prior Professional Experience Evaluation is an avenue by which a dietetic intern may be awarded credit for experiential learning acquired through a paid position, such as a dietary manager, dietetic technician, WIC Aide, or certified professional chef with responsibilities that fulfill ACEND certain dietetic internship competencies.

Procedures for establishing credit for prior learning are as follows:

1. Intern will contact Program Director at least 6 weeks prior to Orientation to request an assessment of prior learning. If this request is verbally approved, then the intern will follow up with a written request using the portfolio method. The Supervised Practice Coordinator will provide the intern with a list of the ACEND approved internship competencies for the rotation that is being assessed and the professional experience document to record experiences.

2. The prior professional experience portfolio should thoroughly describe and document knowledge gained experientially, and also should demonstrate how knowledge gained outside the internship is related to the Dietetic Internship Competencies. Examples can include job description(s)/job duties, performance appraisals, promotions, projects (e.g. lesson plans, budget reports, copies of developed employee scheduling, menus, etc.), and other relevant documentation.

3. The intern must obtain a letter corroborating work experience from his/her immediate supervisor(s).

4. Intern must submit the portfolio and all supporting documentation at least 1 month before the first day of Orientation. (This is to allow time for scheduling changes.)

The Program Director or Supervised Practice Coordinator will review the portfolio to determine if ACEND-approved competencies have been met, and to what extent. The number of supervised practice hours to be credited will depend upon the number of rotation competencies for which the intern is able to demonstrate competency achievement. The Program Director or Supervised Practice Coordinator will determine if prior credit will replace a portion of a rotation or if an alternate rotation will be provided to enhance learning beyond the intern’s previous related paid position experiences. If the Program Director determines that prior credit will replace a portion of a rotation, it may be possible that the rotation(s) will be shortened accordingly (tuition fee is not adjusted).

Tuition and Fees 2017-2018


Tuition: $17,281
Application fee (non-refundable): $60

Acceptance Deposit (non-refundable): $500 

Technology Fee per Semester: $100
Electronic Medical Record Simulation fee: $105
Liability Insurance: $35 *Securing insurance is the responsibility of the intern

Health Insurance: Varies *Securing insurance is the responsibility of the intern

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership: $60

Local Dietetic Association Membership: Varies

Background Check: Varies

Physical Exam: Varies

Books & Supplies: Detailed list will be sent upon acceptance into the program

RD Exam Preparation Fee: $135
Lab Coat (2): ~$200

Transportation: Private vehicle is required
Housing & Board for Onsite Interns
On-Campus Housing is optional and available to female interns

Double Room: $2,631 per semester

Single Room: $3,009 per semester

On-Campus Board is optional

Unlimited meal plan: $2973.00 per semester

190 Block Meal Plan: $2,704
per semester
150 meal block: $2,409.50 per semester
Other meal plan packages are available upon request
Off-Campus Housing: Varies

Note: The College reserves the right to change the fees and charges when necessary.

Program Calendar 2017-2018

Orientation: 07/10/17 - 07/14/17

Rotations begin: 07/24/17

Labor Day holiday: 09/04/17

Thanksgiving break: 11/22/17 - 11/24/17

Rotations resume: 11/27/17

Winter break: 12/18/167- 1/05/18

Rotations resume: 01/08/18

Rotations end: 04/20/18

Graduation: 05/05/18 

Payment and Refund of Tuition

Interns are required to pay a non-refundable $500 deposit on tuition upon acceptance into the program. Half of the remaining fees for the program must be paid, or suitable arrangements made with Cedar Crest College, prior to the internship orientation as well as prior to beginning any didactic courses or supervised practice rotations. The second half of the remaining fees must be paid, or suitable arrangements made with Cedar Crest College, prior to resuming any didactic courses or supervised practice rotations following the program's winter break. All fees and tuitions are non-refundable.


Orientation to the Dietetic Internship is conducted onsite at Cedar Crest College and is mandatory. It is a five day program designed to introduce the intern to Cedar Crest College and the expectations of the internship as well as to build foundation knowledge and skills needed for entry into graduate-level coursework and supervised practice in dietetics. Activities emphasize hands-on experience with a strong emphasis on affective learning, preceptor feedback, and critical self-reflection.

On-campus housing for interns enrolled in the program is available during orientation for a fee.

Faculty and Staff

Program Director: Marilou Wieder, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC, B.S in Dietetics, Eastern Mennonite University; M.S. in Nutrition, Marywood University

Program Coordinator: Tara L. Miltenberger, M.Ed., RDN, LDN - B.S. in Biology, Moravian College, M.Ed., Cedar Crest College
Administrative Assistant to the Dietetic Internship: Bonnie Heydt, Contracts Coordinator, 
- B.S. in Marketing, King's College; MBA, Moravian College

Verification Statement & Certificate

Upon successful completion of all didactic coursework and supervised practice, the Program Director will provide the graduates with the required registration eligibility paperwork. The Program Director will also provide each graduate with four signed copies of the verification statement. Two originals are placed in the graduate’s file. The verification statement assures that the graduate has completed all work in a satisfactory manner. This verification statement is necessary for eligibility to take the Registration Examination. Upon successful completion of all didactic coursework and supervised practice hours and assignments, all interns will also receive a Dietetic Internship Certificate signed by both the Program Director and the President of Cedar Crest College.

Registration Examination

The graduate must obtain the application to take the Dietetic Registration exam from the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR) and submit it to CDR by the necessary deadlines. Cedar Crest College is neither responsible for, nor liable for, a graduate’s failure to pass the Dietetic Registration exam.

HIPAA and FERPA /Confidentiality Statement

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) dictates how the interns deal with patients', clients', and residents’ confidentiality. HIPAA applies to Protected Health Information that is individually identifiable health information. Each facility may require the intern to attend an in-service on HIPAA.

Some facilities, such as schools, will require interns to observe the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Interns are expected to maintain confidentiality with regard to each supervised practice facility, the college, patients, clients, residents, employees, peers, mentors, and faculty.

Code of Ethics

Interns are expected to comply with all aspects of the American Dietetic Association's Code of Ethics as the guiding principles governing all members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.




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