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Dr. Leon S. John, Jr.
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
610-606-4666 ext. 3596

Diversity and Inclusion

George Floyd Decision

Dear Cedar Crest Community, 

George Floyd was just one of many Black lives that have been taken through violence. Even though the verdict cannot undo all the years of injustices toward people of color, justice has prevailed.  Let us hope this is a watershed moment for our county to live up to our ideal of “liberty and justice for all.” 

Over the last year, people united in support of the Black Lives Matter movement have demanded to be heard. Voices speaking up for justice and equality deserve to be heard. So that our community can work together towards healing, the CDI will host programming in the coming days that will give students an opportunity to voice their opinions and be heard.  
CCC is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our campus community. Our diversity statement states:  

“We thus embrace an inclusive community that brings together students, faculty, and staff of different racial and multi-racial, ethnic and multi-ethnic, gender and sexually diverse, religious and nonreligious, economic, and national identities and ages.” 

Even when justice has been done, we have a responsibility to continue making our communities aware that people of color and underrepresented populations do not feel safe, and often are victimized because they are viewed differently. I encourage our campus community to create an environment for conversation and reflection with our students and each other. Please feel free to reach out to any of these resources at any time: 

1. Center for Diversity and Inclusion- Allen House | leon.john@cedarcrest.edu 

2. Dean of Students- Tompkins Student Center | kyle.dailey@cedarcrest.edu 

3. Lutz Center for Community Service- Blaney Hall | tebean@cedarcrest.edu 

Please utilize the following resources for further reading and information: 

Anti-Racist Resources and Pedagogy @ Cedar Crest College: https://cedarcrest.instructure.com/courses/8803 

The Guide to Allyship: 

Bystander Intervention: 

Time To Act: A Podcast About Diversity And Inclusion 
In Solidarity, 

Dr. Leon S. John, Jr.
Director of Diversity and Inclusion