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Frequently Asked Questions

Dining Questions

May I take food or drink out of Canova Commons?
If you are dining in Canova Commons, you may have all you care to eat while dining in, but no food or drink is permitted to be taken out. For those “on the go” we do offer a takeout option. You may leave your student ID with the cashier. You will be provided with a takeout container to fill and take with you. Please remember to pick up your ID from the cashier when exiting Canova Commons.

May I take food or drink out of Canova Commons?
If you are dining in Canova Commons, you may have all you care to eat while dining in, but no food or drink is permitted to be taken out. For those “on the go” we do offer a takeout option. You will be provided with a takeout container to fill and take with you.

May I bring a guest with me into Canova Commons?
Yes, if you would like to bring a guest, you may use a meal/guest meal, use your Dining Dollars, or pay with cash or credit card. Our all-you-care-to-eat meal rates are as follows:

  • Breakfast 7.95
  • Lunch / Brunch 8.75
  • Dinner 8.75

What is Cash Equivalency?
You may use your meal plan in Falcon’s Nest or Cyber Cafe to pay for any retail offerings in exchange for a meal swipe. The value of the swipe changes by meal period and is listed below. Any overage in the total purchase price will need to be paid for by using your Dining Dollars, Falcon Funds, cash, or credit card. No refunds or credits will be applied if the purchase price is less than the equivalency value. You may use up to three swipes in a meal period.

  • Breakfast 6.00
  • Lunch 7.50
  • Dinner 7.50

How does the Unlimited Meal Plan work?
The Unlimited Meal Plan provides unlimited access to Canova Commons, our all-you-care-to-eat venue. It gives you the flexibility to enjoy dining in Canova Commons anytime during the hours of operation. You may enjoy a full breakfast buffet in the morning, stop back in for a late morning pastry and coffee, then come back to have an incredible lunch. And if you get hungry in the afternoon, stop by for homemade dessert and a nice cold beverage...the flexibility is yours! The Unlimited Meal Plan also comes with five guest meals and 50.00 in Dining Dollars for the semester.

What are Dining Dollars?
Each semester, every student with a meal plan receives $50 Dining Dollars. They may be used to buy snacks, grab-n-go items, bottled beverages, or a guest a meal. Any remaining balance in the account at the end of fall semester will automatically carry over to the spring semester. Dining Dollars will not carry over from the spring semester to the following fall semester. You may purchase additional Dining Dollars at any time throughout the year. These voluntary Dining Dollars will carry over from semester to semester and to the following academic year.

I'm out of Dining Dollars. Now what?
Additional Dining Dollars can be purchased at Student Financial Services in Blaney Hall. Also, please keep in mind that $50 in Dining Dollars are provided at the start of each semester.

I have a food allergy / dietary restriction. Who do I tell?
We ask that you please report your food allergy / dietary restriction IMMEDIATELY to Dining Services. We will then ask you to complete an allergy declaration form which we will keep on file. Every effort will be made to then identify the ingredients you must avoid on our menus. If there are ever any questions about an item being served, please do not hesitate to ask an associate on duty.

Catering Questions

When scheduling a club meeting or event in TCC, may we serve food purchased from an outside vendor?
No, you may not bring food into the TCC from an outside vendor. Parkhurst Dining Services is responsible for serving all food in TCC.

When I order bottled drinks from Food Services, will I pay a flat amount per person, or do I only pay for the drinks that are consumed at my meeting/event?
You will only be charged for the bottles that are consumed.

I ordered food for my meeting and I want to purchase my own pre-packaged beverages for the meeting in TCC, may I?
Yes, you may purchase your own pre-packaged beverages as long as your events are not taking place in the Falcon's Nest, Coffee Cafť or Dining Hall.

When scheduling a club meeting or event outside TCC at any other location on campus, may we serve food from an outside vendor (Chicken Lounge, TGIF, Marioís Pizza, Papa Johnís, etc.)?
Yes, you may.

Do clubs have to approach Food Services before obtaining food from an outside vendor for their club functions?
No, they do not as long as the event is not in the TCC. But you may want to talk to Food Services to see if they can get the food for your event at a better/lower price.

I am having a meeting in one of the Residence Halls. May I have the meeting /event catered by an outside catering company (Boscovís Catering, Bon Appetite Catering, A & B Catering, Susanís Catering, Moyerís Catering, etc.)?
No, Parkhurst has exclusive rights to all catering on campus.

My club wants to have a pot luck lunch or dinner for the campus community and we want to prepare the meals in the Residence Halls, may we?
For the safety of the community, and to avoid possible issues related to unsafe food handling and related food borne illnesses, you must prepare the meals in the main kitchen of TCC during the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. with guidance of a food service employee, and proper refrigeration. Please arrange with Food Services by calling x3446 or by stopping by the office.

I need to place an order with Parkhurst that will be paid for with student club funding. Can I get any discounts?
Yes. Dining Services will be happy to provide any student group with a 25% discount on their catering purchase, as long as the club is willing to pick the menu items up from the kitchen, set their own event, and clean up afterwards.


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