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NetNutrition is a web based program that will nutritionally analyze your meal selection that is easily accessed from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. It is a convenient method to help you calculate the nutritional value of your meal from various dining locations on campus. The website will also take into account various dietary preferences including lactose, wheat, and tree nut allergies. If an allergy is selected those items containing that allergy will not display on the website until it is de-selected. Nutritional information is available in, a mouse over format, with a standard nutritional label for an item, or a custom built meal in a printer friendly format.

To begin on a computer:

On the Parkhurst Dining NetNutrition home page the various dining stations available with nutrition information, are shown. The left column shows the list of allergies which are able to be screened. First select your station.


For a quick snapshot of an items nutrition hover your mouse over the item and a nutrition label will pop up.


To build a meal from a single station, check the boxes next to the items you want and click on the Item Nutrition.  To build a meal from multiple stations check the box on an item, and click Add Items.

The My Meal area will populate with your selection.  Next click back, go to the next station and add the rest of your meal.  Once finished click meal nutrition.  Both of these options will produce a pop-up window that is printable. 


To search for an item type the name of the item in the search bar.  Clicking enter will activate the search and bring up results.  Clicking on an item in the search results will take you into the station where the item is located, from there you are able to get a snapshot the nutrition or add the item to a meal.  Clicking clear search will clear the results, and allow you to begin over.


To begin on a mobile device:

Allergies are under the funnel icon on the top left.  Select your location and station.  On the far right side of each item is an icon that will bring up the nutritional information for individual items.

To build a meal select an item and the icon up on the top right will populate.  Select the back arrow on the screen to add additional items or other stations.  Once finished select the knife and fork icon, this will bring up the combined nutrition for your meal.

To search on a mobile device click on the magnifying glass.  The search may be completed on the entire database, or by clicking on a station and searching through those items.