The Forensic Science Leadership Series
at Cedar Crest College

2018 Workshops

80 Hour Advanced Fabrics Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Training Course

Focusing on Interpreting Bloodstains and Bloodstain Patterns on Clothing

Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pennsylvania
June 18th - 22nd, 2018

Course Instructors

Dr. Mark Reynolds
Mr. Edmund (Ted) Silenieks


This course is designed primarily for practitioners who routinely examine blood stained clothing and other textiles and are required to assess, interpret, and report on bloodstain patterns as part of those examinations. The course is delivered through a combination of “face to face” instruction and self-directed learning. A minimum 80 hours of structured learning activities is required, inclusive of a 40 hour “face to face” residential component. The course will review the underpinning principles of BPA, and apply these principles to the analysis and interpretation of bloodstains on clothing and other textiles.

When examining clothing, the practitioner must be mindful of influences such as the fibre type, texture, treatments, all of which may affect the final appearance of bloodstains. The primary focus of the course is to develop those skills required for the examination of bloodstain patterns found on clothing items, including the use of microscopy to discriminate between spatter and transfer bloodstains

Course Content

Prior to attending the 40 hour residential, participants will be expected to complete at least 20 hours of preparatory work including selected readings, a short 1500 word written assignment and prepare and submit a mock report detailing a case involving bloodstain pattern analysis, preferably involving blood stained clothing. Participants will be required to present oral and demonstrable evidence based on this report in a moot court situation and will receive feedback on their BPA knowledge and evidence preparation skills.

The 40 hour residential has a practical hands-on emphasis. The practical component of the course will be supplemented with lectures and class discussions which will introduce the participants to principles of fluid mechanics and assist participants gain higher level interpretative pattern recognition skills. Participants will work in small groups to complete a set of experiments, review and analyse experimental data and present findings to the class describing their results. Participants will be encouraged to draw connections between the dynamics of pattern formation and the features of the resultant static bloodstain pattern.

Following the 40 hour “face to face” residential, participants will be required to complete a report summarizing their findings related to the examination of blood stained clothing during practical exercises at the residential. The report must be submitted within eight weeks of completing the residential.

General Information

The 40 hour residential component of the course will be held June 18th - 22nd, 2018.

The course hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Note, assessments will be conducted on Friday, and the 5 p.m. finish time is not flexible.)

Each participant is expected to bring at least two sets of old (unwanted) clothing they can wear and create bloodstain patterns on them. (A set of clothing consists of long pants and a long sleeved shirt or similar upper garment, and if possible a pair of shoes)

Each participant is responsible for making his or her own hotel reservation.

Upon receipt of your registration and payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail including a list of items to bring to the course. In the event of insufficient registrations, the course will be cancelled.

Please Note: The course instructors along with the Forensic Science Training Institute will make a decision on course cancellations on the registration deadline. Any student registered at that time will receive a full refund if the decision is made to cancel the course. If the decision is made to run the course at that time, the course will run as scheduled and no refunds will be given after that point. If the course is scheduled to run and seats are still available late registrations will be accepted.

Meals and Accommodation

Lunch will be provided; however, the cost of accommodation, all other meals, and incidentals will be the responsibility of the participant.

The Hyatt Place Bethlehem is the recommended hotel for the course. A discounted group booking rate is available until May 18, 2018.

Quote Fabrics BPA when reserving a room via phone.

Or reserve your room online with the Group rate code G-FABB using the following link:

Hyatt Place Bethlehem
45 West North Street
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA 18018
Contact: Krista Soucy
Tel: +1 610 625 0500, Fax: +1 610 625 0503


Van transportation will be provided by the College. The hotel also offers a free shuttle service that can be booked for travel to and from Cedar Crest College and to the airport.

Course Fee

$1995.00 USD/person (NOTE: lodging and meals, with the exception of lunch, are extra)

Registration and Course Contacts

All registration questions please send to

All course questions please send to or

The class size is limited to a maximum of 12 participants. Register early to ensure your seat!

Please see additional important information on Pre-Course Assignments and Course Assessment here