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4 + 1 Programs

Earn your Master’s faster! Take your career potential to the next level with one of Cedar Crest’s 4 + 1 bachelor’s/master’s degree programs, which prepare you for life and work in a cutting-edge market and ever-changing world.

You can earn your master’s degree with as little as one additional year of coursework.*

4 + 1 Program Benefits

  • You get your master’s faster: Enrolling in a 4 + 1 program is a forward-thinking strategy to complete a graduate degree in less than the usual two years it takes following bachelor’s degree completion.
  • You pay less for your graduate degree: In our 4 + 1 programs, you are not charged for the required graduate courses you take during your undergraduate junior and senior years. This provides a significant cost-savings as compared to a student entering the graduate program outside of the 4 + 1. For example, a student in the 4 + 1 MBA would save $10,000 and a 4 + 1 M.Ed. student would save $6,000 off the overall cost of their master’s degree. **

4 + 1 Program Options


Enhance a business degree or blend passion for another field with valuable business acumen by earning a Master of Business Administration with one additional year of coursework.

4 + 1 offered with undergraduate programs in:


To complete a 4 + 1 MBA, students in majors other than Business and Accounting must fulfill the requirements for a business minor, complete an MBA application, and submit GMAT scores by the end of their junior year. Students will need to begin their coursework in the MBA summer term that starts in May of their graduating year and complete nine credits (three classes) per term for the next four terms. 

Business and Accounting majors need to be making satisfactory academic progress in their major, a Business minor is not required for these students.

Business Administration Minor Program Requirements

Students must take at least half of the 18 credits of course work in the Department of Business, Management, and Economics at Cedar Crest College. Total Credits: 18

Course Requirements:

  • ACC 101 Financial Accounting 3 credits
  • BUA 204 Business Communications 3 credits
  • MRK 230 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
  • ECO 101 Principles of Economics: Macro OR ECO 102 Principles of Economics: Micro 3 credits

Plus two of the following:

  • ACC 102 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
  • BUA 220 Human Resource Management 3 credits BUA 250 Principles of Finance 3 credits
  • BUA 329 Organizational Behavior 3 credits
  • BUA 350 Leadership 3 credits
  • Any 300 Level Marketing Course

All courses within the minor must be passed with a grade of C or better.


A nationwide shortage of qualified teachers has created high demand for educators with advanced degrees. Cedar Crest’s undergraduate and graduate education programs have a proven track record of job placement success. With this option, you are also able to add the ESL Specialist certification into your program.

4 + 1 offered with undergraduate programs in:

Early Childhood Education
Secondary Education*
Special Education


To complete a 4 + 1 M.Ed., students must complete an application in the first semester of the junior year including two letters of recommendation and a two-page essay describing why they wish to obtain their master’s degree in Education. Upon acceptance, students will begin M.Ed. coursework in the second semester of their junior year. Some summer coursework will be required.

MS in Crime Science

The 4 + 1 pathway to the Master of Crime Science degree enables students to complete a Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree plus the master’s degree in an accelerated five years, saving money and enabling an earlier start to your career.

In order to obtain the master’s degree in five years, students will accelerate their undergraduate coursework by taking 18 credits in two different semesters, as compared to the traditional 15. This allows each student to begin her master’s level coursework in the senior year of her bachelor degree. Students will use the summer semesters between their fourth and fifth year as an intense period of study, accumulating an additional 12 credits.

With such an accelerated program, students should identify their intent to participate as early as possible. Students beginning as freshmen, should sign up for the 4+1 pathway by the end of the freshman year. Transfer students should sign up for the program upon admission to the College.

*Area of concentration can effect total program length. It’s important to discuss your plans with an academic advisor.

**Students who have signed up for the 4+1 in these majors will be required to take 12 graduate credits at no additional charge during their undergraduate junior and senior years in addition to the 120 credits required for their bachelor’s degree. If the addition of these credits causes a student to reach the overload credit hours max, the overload fee will be waived.