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Nancy Roberts
Director of Health Services

Accidents and Emergencies

  • On-Campus: Notify Safety and Security (Dial “0” for emergencies). Please consult with either Safety and Security or Health Services before calling an ambulance.
  • Off-Campus: In the case of a serious accident or emergency, seek immediate care at the nearest medical facility, but ask the person accompanying you or the medical attendant to contact one of the following:
    • Director of Health Services, Nancy Crane-Roberts
    • Dean of Students, Mary-Alice Ozechoski
      (610-437-4471, ext. 3371)
    • Resident Coordinator on Call
      (610-437-4471, ask for on call Residence Life Coordinator)
  • After the accident or emergency: When you return to the college, report the situation to both the Director of Health Services (Nancy Crane-Roberts) and the Dean of Student Affairs (Mary-Alice Ozechoski) in order to determine that you are safe to return to campus and class and to be excused from missed academic work (when necessary).

It is important to have the treating health care provider send a written report to Nancy Crane-Roberts, Director of College Health Services.