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Instructional Services

Information literacy classes are provided across the curriculum—from basic courses through advanced classes in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. They are held at the request of a faculty member and planned cooperatively to meet the needs of the students in a particular course. Objectives of the Information Literacy classes include enabling students to understand how information is organized in a specific subject, to plan an effective search strategy on a particular topic, to encourage students to become self-learners, and to assist students in the research paper process.

Classes are designed to teach effective use of library resources and services. They may include the use of the online catalog, basic types of reference materials, electronic databases, the Internet, and the Research Process.

Submit a request for Information Literacy Instruction at least 14 days in advance of the class.

Send an email to Information and Instructional Services to either: Sheri Schneider or Stefani Gomez

Or, submit your request via the Information Literacy Instruction Request Form.