Video Message From President Meade Addressing National Events

January 7, 2021

I know that we are all still shaken by the events of yesterday in our nation’s capital.  The images of a mob storming our capitol, virtually unchecked by law enforcement, is a sight I could never have imagined.

But it is important that we all keep faith in the institutions of American democracy.  I know that I stayed awake far later than I usually do to watch the certification process continue because it was important to me to end the day seeing our bedrock democratic processes at work and undefeated.

Higher education is, in my view,  a citadel of American democracy. Higher education is the antidote to the hatred, violence, ignorance and anarchy we all witnessed yesterday.  Higher education access produces an engaged, enlightened citizenry, which is our only defense against anarchy.

The work that we all do together is therefore of even more vital importance. Higher education has persisted through all of the worst crises of Western civilization and through all forms of aggression and unrest in this country.  When Senator Booker spoke last night of the last invasion of the capitol in 1812, I thought of our friends down the street at Moravian College continuing the work of educating the citizens of Pennsylvania, of Harvard College in Massachusetts and William & Mary in Virginia. 

We continue to promote equality and equal justice at Cedar Crest College as we have done since 1867 with renewed purpose. Our work goes on and lights the way forward to better days.

We have sustained each other throughout the last year, and we will continue to support each other in the days ahead. I am grateful to be in a community with you all. 

Thank you,

Elizabeth M. Meade, Ph.D.
President, Cedar Crest College


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