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FALL Session Update

The Rodale Aquatic Center is dedicated to improvement in personal wellness. Through our Youth Education Sports Initiative, we are excited to announce some new changes coming this Fall to our Falcon Aquatic Swim Training.   

This session F.A.S.T will be focusing on improving swimming techniques in a format that will be competition focused resembling a typical swim practice. The participants will learn how to swim all competitive strokes with highly trained and established staff. Topics in this program range from proper stroke techniques and drills, open and close turns, appropriate race entry, and the fundamentals of racing. All of these will be an integral part of our program. Since there is a sequence to daily instruction as well as information that accumulates from the beginning of the session, to ensure successful improvement, we actively encourage full participation in this program.

  • F.A.S.T will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday Noon-1:30 p.m.
  • Registration is at the front desk with a signed evaluation form.
  • Parents dropping off their child for F.A.S.T. must sign out on F.A.S.T clipboard with a reachable phone number.
  • Competitive swim wear required (Cap, Goggles, No t-shirts.)

Our coaching staff has competitive swim experience at high school, college, and master swimming levels. Because we span several generations, we have many years of collective competitive swimming and coaching experience. Education is a priority as we teach the latest techniques to improve swimming skills. Our priority is to ensure the proper technique to prevent injury. The fitness component will be the result of enhanced swimming skills to enable the swimmer to work harder and swim faster with less risk to injury, provide new employment potential as a lifeguard, and the ability to swim for life.

Coaching Staff

  • Maureen Maikner
  • Ashley Stumpp
  • Matthew Rumfield
  • Stan Kushy
  • Lydia Garton  

For more information contact the front Desk:  610-606-4670.


This swim program is extremely flexible, affordable, and provides athletes with quality swim instruction on a regular basis. This is the perfect program for those looking to get involved in competitive swimming

The only competition the athlete will have at Rodale Aquatics is with the pace, but with focus and regular participation, an athlete will attain skills necessary to join a competitive team if this is the goal.

We have a certificate program.  Descriptions of this program are available at the front desk.  How quickly athletes attain certificates depends on the athlete’s interest, ability to master skills, and regularity of participation in our program. 

Attire & Equipment

Because this program is centered on preparation for competition swimming, athletes should wear either briefs or a regular competition suit. These can be purchased at the front desk. Absolutely NO T-SHIRTS can be worn during F.A.S.T training!

Goggles must be worn in order to participate in F.A.S.T. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Swim caps are necessary to control hair and keep it healthier. We require caps for all athletes except athletes with very short hair (< 1”).


It is important that guardians check-in the athlete at the front desk at each arrival. If you wish to leave the center, please make sure you sign on the F.A.S.T clipboard at the front desk with contact information.  A student/athlete 16 or over may check-in without supervision.  If it is found an athlete did not check-in for a session, the director will make the correction.

Performance Tips

Hydration of athletes is an important goal for our coaching staff.  Athletes lose approximately ½ cup of water every 15 minutes. This has an effect on an athlete’s performance during practice as well as overall health. We recommend drinking water before, during, and after practice. Water bottles are encouraged on deck (no glass please).

We take the athlete’s education very seriously.  The director researches and educates all coaches through conference attendance, participation in swim workshops, swim camps, studying video, and reading publications in the swimming community. Our coaches are highly qualified coaches with extensive teaching and swimming experience.

Mother Nature

For safety, athletes must leave the pool and deck during thunderstorms.  We will provide a dry land workout for the remainder of the practice session if we began programming.