Cedar Crest College Home

Rodale Aquatic Center
100 College Drive
Allentown, PA 18104-4471

Lap and Learn Information

Lap and Learn Process

Begins 6/15/2020

  • Make your reservation through our link on Sign Up Genius
  • Fill out new waiver on our page, bring it with you on your first swim. Everyone is required to do a new waiver as of 6/15/2020, you may not swim without it.
  • Arrive at RAC dressed to swim, only bring what you absolutely need to swim
  • Arrive as close to your starting time as possible
  • Do NOT enter main entrance
  • Enter RAC through door marked ENTER HERE - farthest left hand door on front of building
  • You must wear your COVID appropriate CDC recommended face covering to enter
  • Use the hand sanitizer immediately to your right inside the entry door to clean your hands
  • Follow the arrows on the floor
  • Swipe you RAC card at the front desk – say hello to your happy hosts :)
  • Follow arrows on floor to you right, please take off street shoes here, carry them with you
  • Enter large pool deck directly from lobby – follow the floor arrows
  • Go to an open lane, place your personal items on the chair at your lane
  • Take off your face covering
  • Enter the pool feet first
  • Get out of pool, dry your face, put on your face covering, gather your things from your chair
  • Exit large pool walk into the Small pool area, pass the water fountains to the right, follow floor arrows
  • Exit the small pool area through the door/hallway passing the family changing rooms
  • Turn left at hall end, follow arrows to exit door

Important Questions and Answers

Can or will I share a lane? 
No, lanes are exclusively for one person, no exceptions

Are the locker rooms open?
No, due to social distancing, cleaning and potential for disease transmission the Men’s and Ladies locker rooms will be temporarily closed.

Why is the Lap Swim price 10$ per swim? 
Swimmers have their own lane for one hour, no longer a need to share or wait.  We must clean and manage the building with additional tasks. 

Why is the small pool not available to use during Lap Swim?
We no longer have enough personnel to open all areas of the building and social distancing guidelines are difficult to manage in the small pool

Which restrooms are open? 
There are 3 restrooms available for swimmers. The restroom on the small pool deck and the two family changing rooms.

How do I shower before getting into the pool?
Please shower at home.  Wear your swim suit to the pool. Rinsing pre or post swim can be done with your suit on at the small pool deck hand shower or family changing rooms.

Can I take a full shower and get dressed after I swim? 
No, due to time constraints, cleaning protocols and limited personnel, it is not possible for you to shower after your swim. Please plan accordingly.

What should I bring with me?  
Your RAC ID card, wear your swim suit, bring drinking water in a plastic container, towel.

May I borrow goggles or a towel? 
No, there are no shared items

May I use a kick board, fins or swim gear from RAC?
No, please bring your own swim equipment.  We are not able to provide any gear.

What happened to the money/value of the remaining weeks of Lap and Learn or Masters swimming that should be on my account? 
It is still there!  Each visit you make will be deducted in increments of $10.00 from your current account.  As you swim through the balance of your account, you can pay $10.00 each visit you reserve.

Can I drop in and swim? 
No, a reservation is absolutely required.

I made my reservation, but I didn’t show up, now what?
Your reservation has incurred the charge, we can not refund or credit  on to your account.

Can I bring a guest?
No. Only currently enrolled swimmers may use the pool. No one may wait in the lobby or viewing areas.