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Rodale Aquatic Center
100 College Drive
Allentown, PA 18104-4471

November Swim School Schedule

Fall November Session (November 1-18)

3-Week Term Classes meet Monday/Wednesday (6 Classes) November 1-17
3-Week Term Classes meet Tuesday/Thursday (6 Classes) November 2-18
3-Week Term Classes meet Wednesday (3 Classes) November 3-17

• Click on Fall Swim School November Session link to begin registration process.
• There is a one-time processing fee of $30 for each new individual.
• Classes are 30 minutes except for level 5+ which is an hour.
• Facility closes under severe weather and thunderstoms.


*3-week term (classes meet once per week) Cost $45
Tadpoles (6 months to 18 months)   8 students per instructor
Monday            6:00pm
Leap Frogs (19 months to 3.5 years)   8 students per instructor
Wednesday      6:00pm
Combination class (12 months to 3 years)  8 students per instructor
Tuesday            9:30am

Group Classes offered Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu for 3 weeks

(November 1-17) (November 2-18) Cost $150
Level 1   *3 students per instructor
Mon/Wed         8:30am
Mon/Wed         4:30pm
Tue/Thu           4:00pm
Tue/Thu           4:30pm
Level 1+   *3 students per instructor
Mon/Wed         9:00am
Mon/Wed         5:30pm
Tue/Thu           5:00pm
Tue/Thu           5:30pm
Level 2   *3 students per instructor
Mon/Wed         9:30am
Mon/Wed        5:00pm
Tue/Thu           4:30pm
Thu/Thu           5:00pm
Tue/Thu           5:30pm
Level 2+   *3 students per instructor
Mon/Wed         8:00am
Mon/Wed        4:00pm
Tue/Thu           5:30pm
Level 3   *3 students per instructor
Tue/Thu           4:30pm
Level 3+   *3 students per instructor
Tue/Thu           5:00pm
Level 4   *4 students per instructor
Tue/Thu           4:15pm
Level 5   *4 students per instructor
Tue/Thu           4:45pm

Group Classes offered Wednesday for 3 weeks

(November 3-17) Cost $75
Level 5+   *6 students per instructor (1 hour class)
Wednesday      4:30pm