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Finding an Apartment

There are many reasons that people choose to live off-campus. Whatever the reason, it is imperative to be precise and thorough in the steps that lead you to putting your signature at the bottom of a lease. Don't forget to evaluate and compare your off-campus housing options!

Start Looking

You have the best chance to get a good place if you know what you need and plan how to get it. Begin your search by answering the following questions:

The key to successfully finding and keeping good housing is NOT TO WAIT until the last minute to get help.

Choose your housemates

Friends are usually a good choice, but not always the best choice. Keep in mind that you will be entering into a binding agreement with these people and responsibility on everyone’s part is necessary. Check out the roommate profiles on our Places4students site or create your own profile.

Consider Your Expectations

Whether living alone or with others, carefully consider your expectations. What type of place would you like to live in?


Helpful Tip: Tenants should expect to set aside 1/4 of each paycheck for rent!

Potential Locations

The following are helpful resources when looking for potential locations:

What to Look for in a Rental Unit

The landlord is required to maintain a certain level of quality housing. In order to get a sense of how the landlord responds to the needs of the tenants, you may want to talk with tenants or neighbors and ask:

Helpful Tip: When looking for rental units, ask yourself 1) do I feel comfortable and safe in this neighborhood? 2) Is my landlord a respectable businessperson?