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Course Listing

ATP 520

History and Theory of Art Therapy

ATP 505

Theories and Systems of Counseling Psychology

ATP 539

The Studio as a Therapeutic Environment

ATP 535

2-D Materials and Methods in Art Therapy

ATP 559

Artistic Development Across the Lifespan (online)

ATP 552

Group Process in Art Therapy

ATP 601

Fieldwork/Group Supervision I

ATP 549

Cultural Perspectives in Art Therapy

ATP 534


ATP 536

3-D Materials and Methods in Art Therapy

ATP 602

Fieldwork/Group Supervision II

ATP 501

Research Methods & Design (hybrid)

ATP 603

Fieldwork/Group Supervision III

ATP 533

Family Art Therapy

ATP 555

Professional Ethics for Art Therapists (hybrid)

ATP 575

Theories of Assessment in Art Therapy (hybrid)

ATP 604

Fieldwork/Group Supervision IV

ATP 547

Investigations in the Treatment of Trauma

ATP 620

Culminating Project




* Choose 1 Elective


* Current elective course focus on  topics such as Addictions, Jungian Psychology for Art Therapists, Phototherapy, and other specialized areas of study.