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From the Director

Dear Writer,

Keija Parssinen

Welcome! I’m glad that you’ve found your way to our program site. Your presence here tells me two things: You’re a serious writer in search of a community to help further your creative and scholarly growth, and you suffer from that lovely affliction, wanderlust.

I know the type because I am the type. Literary fellowship and travel to far-flung places both serve to ignite my imagination and expand my understanding of the world around me. The Cedar Crest Pan-European MFA program is designed exactly for people like us.

Often, writing can feel like a solitary, even insular, pursuit. We retreat to our desks and close the door for hours, days, weeks. It is not a choice; we must seek those quiet hours in order to realize whatever creative vision is driving us. Producing pages take work, and work requires time.

Yet the writer must also energetically engage with the world, for that is where stories live. We must open the door, walk outside, and explore. And so the Cedar Crest Pan-European has established a marvelous balance by giving the writer time for quiet contemplation and providing her with opportunities for community, learning and adventure.

Each European residency is carefully crafted to maximize student time with peers and faculty. Seminars, lectures, and readings challenge and enrich our writing practice; tours and social gatherings deepen our appreciation of the host country’s traditions, as well as the imaginative electricity we experience in the company of other writers.

I hope that the Cedar Crest Pan-European MFA program becomes a productive and enjoyable creative home for you!

All the best,

Keija Parssinen

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