Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC)

School of Adult and Graduate Education
Blaney Hall 105

Lawrence A. Quarino, Ph.D.
Director/Professor, Forensic Science
610-437-4471 ext. 3567

Amy Evans

Amy Evans


During my undergraduate education I started to grasp the necessity of being a professional in the scientific field, but it was not until I began my academic journey at Cedar Crest that I truly understood how to embody professionalism. Cedar Crest curriculum teaches you that the true definition of professionalism is to focus on your daily etiquette and interaction with others.

The Master of Science of Forensic Science program at Cedar Crest College provides you with the opportunities and tools to become that professional in the field that everyone strives to be. Professionalism is achieved via our FEPAC accreditation that influences the high quality of standards used to establish the content in classes and labs, more chances to present at professional conferences, the ability to conduct personalized thesis research, and to work closely with the faculty who have experience and expertise to prepare you for what’s next.

There are few core classes: Professional Communications, Forensic Administration, and Legal and Ethical Issues that verse you in all aspects of the field that ensure your success during interviews, presentations, and testifying in court. Professional Communications gives you the chance to present on differing topics each week as well as complete a mock interview conducted by real professionals in the field. This class is completed in the first semester and establishes your professionalism from the start.  Forensic Administration provides you with the knowledge of how to administer forensic services and allows you to work on collaborative projects with the other students in the program. Administration is the class that I sat in on before starting the program and solidified my decision to come here. Lastly, Legal and Ethical Issues teaches you of the legal aspects of forensic science and prepares you to testify by completing a mock trial in a real courthouse. As I continue to take classes within this program I feel myself growing as a professional and I know that I will feel confident when applying for a position in the forensic field.




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