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Charles Kim

Charles Kim

Innovation: Integral to Forensic Science

Forensic Science is the application of science to seek justice.  Criminals develop more sophisticated methods on a daily basis to commit their acts of crime. In order to always be one step ahead, the field of Forensic Science requires constant innovation and improvement upon existing methods. The MSFS program at Cedar Crest College forges great minds into the innovators needed to combat the ever-evolving tactics of deviant individuals.

There are many schools that can teach the major fields in forensic science, however, at Cedar Crest College, students have the opportunity to study all overlapping categories such as legal issues and laboratory administration. While many other Forensic Science curriculums focus on career specialization, our program at Cedar Crest College molds students to be exemplary forensic scientists with a broad, generalist perspective. Each student takes courses in all aspects of Forensic Science and can be proficient in any laboratory. However, just keeping up with recent technologies and techniques isn’t enough. As stated earlier, to be one step ahead of criminals, we must be innovative.

The MSFS program encourages innovation through graduate student research. The method of expanding upon an existing study resulting in new developments is innovation and scientific progress. My research is about bloodstain pattern analysis on snowy surfaces. There has been only one study that focused on what bloodstain patterns look like on this target surface. On top of this research, I have added the aspect of density so that bloodstain pattern analysts and law enforcement agents in the future can use this data themselves to analyze their own sets of patterns on snow.

In this world of constant evolution, the field of Forensic Science must evolve along with it. Innovation is integral to Forensic Science.




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