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Top 10 Up and Coming Nursing Schools in the East for 2016

School of Adult and Graduate Education
Blaney Hall 105

Graduate Nursing Programs

Catherine Zurawski
Director of Graduate Nursing Programs
Ext 3342

Stephanie B. Woodruff
Director of the Nurse Anesthesia Program
Ext. 4485

Post Master’s Certificate
Nurse Educator

The nurse educator post master’s certificate program will give you the skills to help prepare the next generation of nursing professionals, and to advance the knowledge of current nurses and health care consumers. You’ll learn to create effective learning environments for clients and students; evaluate how well they’re learning; formulate outcomes and design curricula; engage in scholarship; and function as a change agent and leader.

Semester 1 (Spring)

MSN 531 Curricula in Nursing Education (3 credits; 14 weeks)

Semester 2 (Fall)

MSN 532 Nurse Educator Practicum I (4 credits [3 credits didactic; 1 credit clinical (56 clock hours)]; 14 weeks)

Semester 3 (Spring)

MSN 535 Nurse Educator Practicum II (6 credits [3 credits didactic; 3 credits clinical (168 clock hours)]; 14 weeks)