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State Tuition Access Rate

A private, liberal arts education for the same price as your state’s flagship public institution.

Are you a STAR student?

At Cedar Crest College, we aspire to take the stage to transform the world and are passionate about a liberal arts education’s distinct ability to provide students with life-changing opportunities to expand their minds and examine the world. But we know that many students and families may think they just can’t afford a private college education.

That’s why we launched the STAR program.

We want students who have put in the hard work to be academically successful during high school to have access to the cutting-edge learning and co-curricular opportunities that we believe prepares Cedar Crest College graduates for significant achievement now and in the future. If you qualify, we will match the in-state rate of your state’s flagship public institution so that you can afford an exceptional education with extraordinary experiences.

Find Tuition by State

*STAR rates were set on August 9, 2019. Some state institutions may not have had their 2019-20 tuition rates posted at that time so their STAR rate reflects the 2018-19 tuition price.

Tuition by State — Full List

Minimum Requirements

Applicants with an unweighted GPA of 3.25 or higher are eligible for the STAR program.

In addition:

  • Available only to first-year, full-time traditional students entering the women’s college beginning fall 2020 that have never before attended college as a degree-seeking student. First-year, full-time traditional men applying to the Cedar Crest School of Nursing or Nuclear Medicine Technology programs that meet the criteria are also eligible.
  • The STAR award amount is calculated by determining the difference between Cedar Crest’s tuition and fees, less any Cedar Crest aid and merit scholarships the admitted student qualifies for, and the flagship institution’s rate.
    Cedar Crest Tuition
    (Cedar Crest Aid & Merit Scholarships if applicable)
    (STAR Award)

    Flagship Rate of Student’s Home State
  • The STAR award remains fixed at the 2019-2020 rate for four years (8 fall and spring semesters) at Cedar Crest as long as the recipient remains enrolled as a full time student and maintains a grade point average of a 2.5 while enrolled. Students must also maintain academic and judicial standing.
  • Award is based on the tuition for the flagship institution of your state of residency, regardless of where you attend high school.
  • U.S. Citizens living abroad or in a U.S. Territory, or in the District of Columbia will pay the rate for our home state of Pennsylvania.
  • Undocumented/DACA students will pay the rate for their state of residence
  • Awards are based on the tuition and fees of each state’s flagship institution (determined by the College Board) as published for 2019-2020.
  • Federal aid, state aid, and outside scholarships are applied to the remaining balance of student bills. Applicants must complete a FAFSA (FAFSA.gov) to determine eligibility for additional aid.