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Adamaris Moncion


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Adamaris Moncion

Class of 2021
North Brunswick, NJ
Health Science Major
First-Year Experience Mentor

Adamaris (Addie) Moncion ’21 takes her time to reflect on life. Reflection is a big part of the decision-making process so when it came to choosing a college, Addie really took her time. She weighed both her own and her family’s needs. Addie spent so much time reflecting that she didn’t apply to Cedar Crest until Decision Day. Though waiting that long is not typical of applicants, that was when an AP English classmate mentioned Cedar Crest College to her. Addie finally found exactly what she and her family were looking for.

For Addie’s family, they found a college close enough to North Brunswick, N.J. to visit but far enough to provide Addie with independence. And Addie found what she was looking for— strong academics, the right resources and accessible faculty and staff.

“Cedar Crest College is a very warm environment. It is my home away from home,” said Addie.

Addie is a senior health science major and enjoys reflecting on her college journey so far. “My biggest aha moment was getting adjusted to balancing everything,” said Addie. Learning how to be there for herself, her friends and her family was a process for Addie.

With the help of her faculty and staff mentors, Addie was able to balance her time better, get more involved on campus and incorporate positive study habits like taking breaks and asking for help.

“Whenever I have a question, I know I can just walk over and ask the faculty,” said Addie. “Getting involved, and not isolating myself in academics, helped me understand balance and start ‘adulting.’ It exposed me more to the real world and helped me to understand that things are different from high school.”

Addie has served as a First-Year Mentor and shares advice, lessons learned and empowering messages with the newest classes of Falcons. After graduation, she plans to attend a master’s program for athletic training.

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