Student Affairs

Cedar Crest Students

Office of Student Activities

Students have an opportunity to participate in numerous activities designed to help them develop their leadership skills and abilities and to network and interact with students from a diversity of backgrounds. At Cedar Crest, students can get involved by joining, leading, or creating an organization. With over 60 active clubs and organizations, students are sure to find a group of peers with similar interests and passions.

Working with the assistant director of the student union and engagement and the entire student affairs staff, students will help develop their professional skills by participating in workshops, leadership trainings, and planning events. The Cedar Crest College experience is one where students will learn, grow, and develop into the type of professional able to lead in our globally diverse society.

Commuter Awareness Board (CAB)

The Commuter Awareness Board (C.A.B.) is dedicated to improving campus life and the college experience for the entire commuter population, including traditional commuters, adult undergraduate students, and graduate students. Our goal is to keep commuters informed about upcoming campus events, clubs and activities, provide commuter students a chance to socialize, and address policy issues impacting commuter life.

Student Activities Board SAB

The Student Activities Board provides social, cultural, and educational programs to the College community. Some recent programs include karaoke nights, musical entertainment, game show nights, and comedy nights. The main goal of the Board is to provide entertaining and enriching experiences for the entire Cedar Crest College community. Students involved with the Board are provided many opportunities to develop leadership skills while initiating and programming events. All students and members of the College community are encouraged to meet and share talents, interests and ideas to assist the Student Activities Board in its endeavors.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Through student body meetings, special committee meetings, Student Government meetings, and conferences with the President and the Deans of the College, every student activity is represented. Student Government meets regularly to discuss student activities and college policies, to initiate legislation, and to make and amend rules as applicable. The Association welcomes all suggestions related to campus life and all interested students are encouraged to attend Student Government meetings. Support for the student body enables Student Government to secure the goals students wish to achieve.