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Accounting Club

Students of any major interested in biology are encouraged to join the Club. The Biology Club establishes an active link between the member and the progressive science of biology. Promoting the science of biology and providing service to the College campus are the goals of the Biology Club.

Brains & Genes Club

Brains & Genes club is a collaboration of neuroscience and genetic engineering majors. We are open to any student on campus with an interest in science. We provide scientifically-themed outreach activities to children in the community, and host guest speakers on campus. We also work closely with other organizations on campus to hold fun and educational events for the campus community.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is open to students in the entire campus community interested in chemistry. The Club gives students the opportunity to meet professional chemists in academic, industrial and medicinal chemical fields. The Club sponsors lectures with guest speakers that are open to the College community as well as to members of area colleges. Chemistry Club members gain extra insight into the field of chemistry by visiting laboratories and companies. Members also attend meetings of the Lehigh Valley Section of the American Chemical Society.

Conservation Biology Club

The Conservation Biology club is a non-major affiliated club whose mission is to protect the environment and spread awareness of conservation issues. If you are at all interested in any aspect of nature, the environment or conservation, our club is the place for you. Roadside trash cleanup, visits to botanical gardens and zoos, promotion of conservation through annual Earth Day events are only part of the activities we accomplish throughout the school year. We always welcome new members from a multitude of academic backgrounds.

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club is a club for people with an interest in Criminal Justice, or an interest in helping their communities. The Criminal Justice Club is an organization that brings people together who has an interest in Criminal Justice.

Forensic Science Student Organization (FSSO)

The FSSO will acquaint students with the field of Forensic Science. The group will bring speakers to the annual Cedar Crest College Forensic Science Symposium and plan other events on specific topics to interested students. Areas of special interest include opportunities for attendance at professional meetings, conferences and workshops and information on internships, graduate school and employment in the field.


The Genetic Engineering Club has a two-fold purpose: to provide information concerning the genetic engineering field to the general public as well as to Club members, and to provide a support group for all genetic engineering majors. However, membership is not limited to those who have this particular major; any student who is interested in this field in general may become a member. The Club sponsors lectures by guest speakers that are open to all Cedar Crest students. The Club also publishes a newsletter, The Gene Scene, which is received by all administration, genetic engineering alumnae, the entire Cedar Crest science community and numerous high schools.
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History Club
Health Professions Society

The Health Professions Society, works to provide an awareness of the health professions through education. Members seek to promote awareness among its membership and within the community. The group's existence is based on the principle of service. This includes service to pre-health students, the professions they seek, the campus community, the organization itself and the community at large.

History & Political Science Club

The History club allows for students to come together that share a passion for historical events, cultural phenomenon of the past, and other topics of interest that deal with our history.

Investment Club

The Investment Club manages a stock portfolio worth over $40,000 (originally worth $25,000) that was donated to Cedar Crest to give students an opportunity to learn how to analyze companies and make smart investment decisions through "hands-on" experiences. Since individuals have increasing responsibility for managing their own pensions, they need to understand the stock market and how to select stocks for investments. The Investment Club, which regularly plans trips and educational seminars, is open to all students.
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Marketing Club

The purpose of the Marketing Club is to educate students about the fields of marketing, advertising and public relations through group projects, club meetings and guest speakers.
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The purpose of the Neuroscience Club is to educate members of the community about all aspects of neuroscience as well as promote socialization with the Cedar Crest College science community. The organization will guide its members through their undergraduate career, prepare them for internships, graduate school, medical school and the job market.
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Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is open to all students who share an interest in the field of Psychology. The organization meets on a regular basis, plans educational programs, sponsors speakers and produces a newsletter titled, "Stream of Consciousness."
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Social Work Club

The Sociology/Social Work Club is open to any student who is interested in current social issues and policies. The Club aims to meet the needs of the growing number of students entering the many areas related to sociology and to promote the social sciences. Club members present outstanding speakers and programs in these areas. Past activities have included organizing fundraising events, working with underprivileged children, co hosting trick-or-treat in the residence halls for children from Wiley House and volunteering in a soup kitchen to help feed the homeless.

Society for Human Resource Management
Student Dietetic Association (SDA)

The Student Dietetic Association (SDA) is a club that is open to anyone that is interested in nutrition, healthy eating, exercising and wellbeing. The purpose of the SDA is to educate the Cedar Crest College community on nutrition.

Student Nursing Association (SNA)

The Student Nursing Association is open to all students majoring in nursing. The SNA is a very important part of the nursing program by keeping students aware of changing trends in nursing and by increasing student awareness of the various aspects of nursing. Students are considered an active member of SNA as long as they attend half of all the meetings and half of all events. Students may participate in any of the three major committees within the SNA: fund-raising, community and social. In the past, members of SNA have organized clothing drives, held Easter egg hunts, participated in blood drives, sponsored guest speakers and assumed Board positions in the Student Nurses Association of PA. General business meetings are held monthly. Fund-raisers, community activities and social events are held throughout the semester.
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Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (Education Club)

The Student Pennsylvania State Education Association sponsors numerous activities for students, staff and faculty to attend and enjoy. The Association meets biweekly, and provides opportunities for members to meet with others interested in the field of education and to discuss various educational topics. The Association sponsors various speakers who discuss major education concerns, honors Cedar Crest professors each year during National Education Week and actively supports students with an interest in the field of education.


Take Back the Night

The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness about individual and social responsibility towards issues of abuse and violence within our society. Various events are held on campus and in the local community in preparation of the "Take Back the Night" rally in April.



The Cheerleading team works to create school spirit and performs organized cheers at athletic contests and other campus functions.

Equestrian Team


Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Any student is welcome to join SAAC, which exists to promote further development and support of the Athletic Department and all athletic programs at the College. Activities have included a campus-wide bonfire and booster days to support important competitions.

Swim Club

The Swim Club was formed for those who enjoy competitive swimming. Members of all skill levels will learn techniques for competitive swimming. The purpose of the club is to encourage health, wellness and fitness through regular swimming activities.

Arts, Theatre & Performance

Art Club

The Art Club is open to any student with an interest in art. Its purpose is to increase general awareness and appreciation of art issues, activities, and work on campus and in the community. The Club gives students opportunities to learn about fields and professions in art by sponsoring guest lecturers and hosting trips to local galleries and museums. It also coordinates the end-of-semester Studio Celebration, a collection of student work, hosts arts-and-craft days throughout the semester, and offers creative activities at campus events! Ambitious and creative women who are willing to help establish a strong organization are sought for what promises to be an exciting year.

Art Therapy Alliance of Cedar Crest College

The purpose of the Art Therapy Alliance is to provide educational experiences for students and faculty that promote understanding of professional art therapy training and practices. By offering networking opportunities and community experiences, the Alliance aims to explore aspects of healing as related to creativity and art making.

Buskin Society

Buskin is a theatrical society for those interested in what goes on behind the scenes. Membership is achieved through volunteer work both on the construction crew and backstage production crew. Buskin is open to anyone who is interested in the theater and willing to work. Buskin activities include special effects, lighting, sound, design, stage management, scenic artistry, costumes, props, set construction, trips to other productions (both local and on-Broadway), and the presentation of one-act plays (in association with Alpha Psi Omega). No experience is necessary.

CCC Student/Faculty Rock Band
Step Team (Triple C Step)

The StepTeam centers on the African-American art of "step." This is a student-led team that focuses on dancing, choreographing and performances for the campus and surrounding community. The group enters competitions and organizes outings to visit and view other teams perform for the purpose of enriching their knowledge and creativity needed to choreograph their own shows.

Communication & Publications

Crestiad (newspaper)

Cedar Crest's national award-winning newspaper, The Crestiad is published by and in the interest of the students. Student staff members gather, report, write and edit news, features and sports articles. They are also responsible for layout, photography, advertising and circulation. The staff strives for consistency, accuracy and professionalism in content and design. Student membership on the staff is strongly encouraged. Staff members are expected to participate on a regular basis for at least one semester at a time. All students, staff and faculty members are encouraged to contribute articles and letters to the editor; however, all submissions are subject to policies and procedures determined by the staff and advisor. Students, faculty and administration receive free subscriptions. The Crestiadnotonly reports campus news but also news from campuses across the nation through its membership with the National Student News Service. Local businesses advertise in The Crestiad. The Crestiad office is located in Butz Hall.
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Espejo, meaning mirror in Spanish, is the College yearbook, published to honor the graduating seniors and to reflect the spirit and life of the College. It is designed as an enduring memento of associations and friendships, activities and accomplishments of college days. The yearbook staff welcomes help from students in the areas of photography, layout, copy writing, business and general assistance. The Espejo office is located in Room 318 of Tompkins College Center.

Preterite: The Literary Club

Preterite, Cedar Crest's Literary Club, is devoted to increasing the understanding and appreciation of literature through such events as discussions of literary works and the presentation of videos, films, readings and lectures by established writers. To encourage literary interest and creativity, Preterite sponsors activities during National Poetry Month, an annual writing contest open to all students, and is the publisher of "In Other Words" the College's literary magazine. Membership is open to all students and active participation is encouraged.

Radio Club (WCCC)

WCCC is Cedar Crest's radio station, managed and operated by students. It is broadcasted on campus cable. Students can be program and music directors, become involved in sales and advertising, or announce/deejay. We are engaged in both talk and music programming, as well as a variety of music styles (i.e., hip hop, electronic/dance, ethnic/world music, and many more).
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Community Service

    Campus Girl Scouts
Needles and Hooks

Needles and Hooks brings students together who have an interest in knitting, crocheting, sewing and textiles. The group is willing to teach beginners knitting and sewing skills. Members have the option to donate finished projects to homeless shelters.


Governance & Advisory Boards

Senior Class

Students elected to the executive positions are responsible for working with their class peers and the institution to insure that the following traditions occur during the year:
Senior Week
Senior Class Gift

Junior Class

Students elected to the executive positions are responsible for working with their class peers and the institution to insure that the following traditions occur during the year:
Junior Ring Ceremony
Dink Donut Night
Big Sis Little Sis

Sophomore Class

Students elected to the executive positions are responsible for working with their class peers and the institution to insure that the following traditions occur during the year:
Heavy Fundraising

Freshman Class

Students elected to the executive positions are responsible for working with their class peers and the institution to insure that the following traditions occur during the year:
Rose Sale
Hostesses at Junior Ring Ceremony

Commuter Awareness Board (CAB)

The Commuter Club strives to develop community among students who do not reside in the campus residence halls. They meet on a regular basis to discuss issues that are unique to non-resident students at Cedar Crest. They plan programs and form discussion groups as needed. In between class, commuter students commonly gather in the lounge on the first floor of Tompkins College Center.
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This is a student judicial board empowered by the Student Government Constitution to hear cases of perceived social violations of the College's Honor Philosophy. The Board consists of 11 student members who serve one-year terms. The Honor and Judicial Board Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are chosen in general campus elections and Honor and Judicial Board members are chosen in respective class elections.

SAGE Student Advocates (SAGE SA)
Student Activities Board (SAB)

The Student Activities Board provides social, cultural and educational programs to the College community. Some recent programs include karaoke nights, musical entertainment, game show nights and comedy nights. The main goal of the Board is to provide entertaining and enriching experiences for the entire Cedar Crest College community. Students involved with the Board are provided many opportunities to develop leadership skills while initiating and programming events. All students and members of the College community are encouraged to meet and share talents, interests and ideas to assist the Student Activities Board in its endeavors.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Through student body meetings, special committee meetings, Student Government meetings, and conferences with the President and the Deans of the College, every student activity is represented. There are seven executive positions and five resident and two commuter senators for each class, which are elected by the student body. The 35 positions have voting privileges in Student Government. Student Government meets regularly to discuss student activities and college policies, to initiate legislation, and to make and amend rules as applicable. The Association welcomes all suggestions related to campus life, and all interested students are encouraged to attend Student Government meetings. Support for the student body enables Student Government to secure the goals students wish to achieve. Through the Student Government Executive Board, Student Government maintains close contact with College administration and faculty. The Student Government president regularly discusses plans and issues with administrators. Any questions or concerns about College rules and/or regulations can be addressed at Student Government meetings or by contacting a member of the Executive Board. From new students through seniors, Student Government asks students to get involved with activities of their interest. With support from the entire student population (including Lifelong Learning students, residents and commuters), Student Government is the backbone of student endeavors at Cedar Crest College.

Honor Societies

Alpha Phi Omega (Service)

Alpha Epsilon Kappa is the Cedar Crest chapter of Alpha Phi Omega the national community service fraternity. Students belonging to the fraternity spend at least 15 hours in the community each semester helping those in need. They also participate in fellowship activities, on and off campus.

Alpha Psi Omega (Drama)

Alpha Psi Omega is the national honorary drama fraternity. Members are inducted at a formal ceremony, and their names are listed in the Alpha Psi Omega National Directory. Candidacy depends upon excellence in some area of dramatic production, such as design, directing, stage management or stage performance, and completion of a series of theatre-oriented tasks. The fraternity's activities include attendance at local and on-Broadway productions, working on "after-show" cabarets, a formal dinner, and the presentation of one-act plays (in association with the Buskin Society). Eligible candidates will be notified at the end of each semester by a formal invitation.

Alpha Sigma Lambda (Adult Students)

Alpha Sigma Lambda's aim is to recognize the special achievements of adults who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. Alpha Sigma Lambda is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship and recognizes high scholastic achievement in an adult student's career. Membership in the Delta Pi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda is limited to undergraduate SAGE students seeking their first degree, who are in the highest twenty percent of the students who are matriculated degree seeking students at Cedar Crest College, who have completed a minimum of twenty four (24) graded credits, and who have achieved a 3.2 minimum GPA by December 31st each year.

Beta Beta Beta (Biology)

Beta Beta Beta, a national honorary biology society, has a three-fold purpose: the stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. Its membership is reserved for students who have superior academic records, have demonstrated special aptitude for biology, and are enrolled in biology programs, including nuclear medicine, and genetic engineering. Some of the activities of the Club are tutoring, sponsoring lectures on various topics, maintaining the nature trail, and conducting guided tours of the arboretum.
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Chi Alpha Sigma (Athletic)

Chi Alpha Sigma is the national college athlete honor society, which recognizes college student-athletes who earn a varsity letter in at least one sport while maintaining a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA throughout their junior and senior years.

Delphi (College Wide)

Delphi is the Cedar Crest College honor society. A student who, at the end of her junior year or of either term of her senior year, has a cumulative 3.8 grade point average will be recognized as a member of Delphi. A transfer student, to be eligible, must present at least 45 credits of academic work at Cedar Crest.

Gamma Sigma Epsilon (Chemistry)

Gamma Sigma Epsilon (GSE) is a national chemistry honor society founded in 1919 at Davidson College. The purpose of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, as summed up by one of its founding fathers, Malcolm Ray Doubles, was to unite those with a high scholastic grade in Chemistry, in Class A colleges, in order to foster a more comprehensive and cooperative study of that great branch of Science and its immediately allied studies. Today, there are over forty active chapters throughout the United States. Rho Xi, the chapter at Cedar Crest College, was established in 2011. GSE recognizes outstanding students demonstrating exceptional ability and interest in the field of chemistry. It also aims to promote professionalism and scholarship in chemistry and the general welfare of its members.

Kappa Delta Pi (Education)

Kappa Delta Pi is the international education honor society. A student must be declared as an Education major or co-major and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.500 . Traditional students must be in at least the second semester of the sophomore year and have no fewer than 50 credits completed. Lifelong Learning students must have completed at least 12 education credits. To be eligible a student must also write a letter identifying potential contributions to the Omega Chi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi consistent with the goals of Omega Chi Chapter; and submit evidence of documented leadership in SPSEA.

Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

Kappa Mu Epsilon is the national mathematics honor society. To be eligible for membership the student must be a mathematics major with junior status or have a mathematics minor with senior status. A student must be in the upper 35% of her class and have completed 3 courses above MAT 142 at Cedar Crest College. A student must have a B average across all mathematics courses and a minimum C grade in every mathematics course.

Lamda Phi Eta (Communications)

Lambda Pi Eta is the national communications honor society. Its main desire it to spread ideas of written and oral communication throughout the Cedar Crest community. The primary purpose of the organization is to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies and provide a forum to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication.

Nu Delta Alpha (Dance)

Nu Delta Alpha is the premiere Honor Society recognizing Students and Professionals for High Achievements in Dance. It is designed for dance education students, dance educators, and professional dancers to express their devotion to the art form by sharing, recognizing, and promoting dance education within schools and communities. Chapters are designated for college through professional levels giving students and professionals the opportunity to advocate for dance education.

Phi Alpha (Social Work)

Phi Alpha is the national social work honor society. A student is eligible for membership when she declares social work as her major and has achieved sophomore status. A student must complete 8 semester hours or 12 quarter hours of required social work courses, and achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 with a GPA of 3.250 or above in required social work courses.

Phi Alpha Theta (History)

Phi Alpha Theta is the international history honor society, the purpose of which is to recognize achievement in the study of history. Students are inducted at an annual ceremony after they have completed and maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or above in four history courses, and a grade point average of 3.0 or above in their other courses. The society encourages the pursuit of historical truth and promotes interest in historical activities. The group's activities have included trips to New York City and Philadelphia. Members have also presented papers at Phi Alpha Theta regional and national conventions.

Pi Kappa Delta (Forensics)

The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta is to promote public speaking through campus events, community service, and other outreach programs. The organization will prepare team competitors for speech and debate competitions with other colleges and universities and will recognize excellence and dedication to the art of forensic speech.

Psi Chi (Psychology)

Psi Chi, an affiliate of the American Psychological Association and American Psychological Society, is the national honor society in psychology. It is open to students with either a major or minor in psychology who have completed at least three courses in the department, have a "B" average, and a cumulative average placing them in the upper third of their class. Lifetime membership is achieved through a formal installation by invitation and is held usually in the spring and fall.
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Sigma Alpha Pi (Leadership & Success)

The Society is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded success oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world.
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Sigma Beta Delta (Business)

Sigma Beta Delta is an honor society for students of business, management or administration who are pursuing baccalaureate or master's degrees. To be eligible for lifetime membership and national recognition, a student must rank in the upper 20 percent of the class. Sigma Beta Delta was founded as a national organization in 1994 under the auspices of Beta Gamma Sigma. Its activities are coordinated with those of Beta Gamma Sigma and Delta Mu Delta to provide opportunities for scholarship recognition without duplication of effort. The principles of the society include wisdom, honor and the pursuit of meaningful aspirations. The society recognized these three qualities as being important for success in the academic realm as well as for providing guidelines that lead to a fulfilling personal and professional life and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Sigma Tau Delta (English)

Sigma Tau Delta is the international English honor society, of which Cedar Crest is the Xi Kappa Chapter. To be eligible for membership, a student must have completed at least three semesters of college work and a minimum of three English courses and have attained at least a 3.0 average in these courses. A student must be in the top 35% of their class. The primary objective of the organization is to promote interest in all aspects of the discipline of English, including literature, language, and writing. The society accomplishes this objective by holding a book raffle during national Banned Books Week, by helping to sponsor visiting writers, and by supporting other campus literary activities.

Sigma Theta Tau (Nursing)

The purposes of the nursing honor society are to recognize superior achievement and the development of leadership qualities, to foster high professional standards, to encourage creative work and to strengthen commitment to the ideas and purposes of the nursing profession. Nursing students are eligible for membership if, at the end of the junior year, they have a grade point average of 3.0 or better, are in the upper one-third of their nursing class, and have demonstrated academic integrity and professional leadership potential. The number of candidates cannot exceed one-third of the total number of nursing students graduating in each class. Theta Rho chapter at Cedar Crest College is governed by the bylaws recommended by Sigma Theta Tau International, the honor society of nursing.

Theta Alpha Kappa (Religious)

Theta Alpha Kappa is the national religious studies and theology honor society. A student is eligible when the student has completed at least three semesters with an overall GPA of 3.0, and has taken a minimum of twelve credits in religious studies courses with a GPA of 3.3 and rank in the upper 35% of their class.

International and Diversity

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union strives to represent the interests of African-Americans and people of African descent in all Cedar Crest College activities. By facilitating cultural exchanges among the campus population, they try to educate themselves and the community about the contributions of African-Americans. They also provide academic and social support to the African-American community on campus.

Cultural Connections Club

This is a club designed to bring together International students and American students through cultural experiences and activities.


FADED cast members come together to create a variety of scenarios found on college campuses today. These scenarios address a variety of diversity-related topics. Cast members portray characters who are often polar opposites of who they are in real life. For this reason, FADED always reminds audience members that the students on stage are portraying characters and that what they say or do during shows is not representative of who they are in real life. After each performance, FADED participates in a question and answer period with the audience. FADED's goal is to promote meaningful dialogue in relation to campus diversity.

International Student Organization (ISO)

ISO is a multicultural organization that brings International and American students together. This organization plays a very large role in helping new international students adjust to the American culture and Cedar Crest College. The organization provides students and the surrounding community with the opportunity to learn about each other's cultures through various events. Everyone is welcome to join!


Cedar Crest's lesbian, gay, bisexual and straight alliance. This organization is open to all members of the College community. It is designed to help eliminate homophobia through education, positive awareness and social activities.

Spanish Club

Cedar Crest's Spanish Club is meant to foster awareness of the Hispanic population on campus while providing educational opportunities and culturally enriched events for the entire student body. Spanish Club strives to promote a positive image of the Hispanic culture and to educate its members about the diversity and current social issues found in the many countries that make up el Mundo Hispano (the Hispanic world). The club offers its members a warm and friendly environment characteristic of the Hispanic community as well as both academic and social support and the opportunity to speak their family tongue while making meaningful connections with the other individuals that are a part of Spanish Club. This club is open to all students.


Cedar Crest Christian Fellowship

CCCF is the interdenominational Christian fellowship at Cedar Crest. It is based on the authority of the Bible as the inherent word of God given to humankind. Students lead small, weekly Bible study sessions that offer fellowship, prayer and fun combined with the study of God's word. CCCF sponsors prayer meetings, speakers, concerts, videos, etc., to provide spiritual growth, application and joy. All activities are open to members of the entire campus community.


Circle of Sisters main purpose is to promote religious awareness within the community with special interest in the Pagan spectrum. Group members will educate others about diverse religious beliefs and give those of Pagan religions a central gathering place for the enrichment of their spirituality and beliefs.

Hillel Society

Students at Cedar Crest are invited to join Hillel, the Jewish student organization. The Hillel chapter promotes awareness of Judaism and Jewish customs. Examples include but are not limited to promoting Kosher for Passover menus in the dining hall. Cedar Crest College Hillel works with Hillel at other local colleges to plan and coordinate religious, educational, cultural and social events. Among the activities are Shabbat and holiday services, bagel brunches, interfaith dialogues, and lectures and colloquia on various topics presented by international Jewish and Israeli scholars who are visiting the Lehigh Valley. Home hospitality is also arranged for the High Holidays and Passover Seders.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association's primary purpose is to provide awareness of the peaceful religion Islam and to eliminate any stereotypical images that have been created after events on 9/11.

Special Interest

    American Association of University Women

Cedar Crest College Emergency Medical Services provides pre-hospital emergency care to all members of the campus community. Recognized as a Quick Response Service by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, CCEMS is dispatched by campus police. EMTs are trained to treat and stabilize any type of medical emergency including but not limited to cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, allergic reactions, bone stabilization/fractures, childbirth and respiratory distress.

College Republicans

The College Republicans club is open to all students who have an interest in discussing the Republican/conservative viewpoint.


The College Women's Alliance on Health and Wellness mission is to educate, motivate and empower women when it comes to their health. The primary belief of the group is that, by improving the health of women, in time, the health of others will change as a result. This coalition will bring women's health issues to the forefront and will advocate issues that are not presently being addressed.

Great Outdoor Women (GO)

The purpose of "GO" is to provide organized trips for students centering on the outdoors. Events include camping, hiking, rock climbing and canoe trips. The goal of this organization is to provide the student body with the opportunity to enjoy nature with a new perspective.


The purpose of this organization shall be: to bring together those who share an interest of/wish to learn about the Harry Potter books and movies, to host activities that are thematically related to the books and that can inspire wide campus participation, to find connections between the situations and characters in the books and real life circumstances, and to look at Harry Potter and other fantasy literature more critically.

Society for Asian Animation (SAA)

The Society for Asian Animation is designed to bring enlightenment of Japanese and other Asian cultures to the Cedar Crest community through Asian artwork, animated films and live action films. The organization will inform students about major Asian cultural festivals and will produce a variety of events for the campus.