Student Affairs

Student Activities

At Cedar Crest College, you will not only get involved in campus activities, you will lead the way.  Beginning with your first semester, you will join other Cedar Crest students in running more than 50 clubs and organizations on campus — charting the course for each organization and helping to plan out a year of exciting events and activities on campus and off. Cedar Crest students don’t just join clubs, but they create, lead and nurture them. At Cedar Crest you can pursue your passions and serve as a club president or even set about to create your own campus organization.

Working with the director of student activities and the entire student affairs staff, you will not only create a lively and fun campus life, but also develop your leadership skills in settings beyond the traditional curriculum. Your life at Cedar Crest, and in fact the entire Cedar Crest experience, is not limited to lectures and labs but a world entirely of your own creation.

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