School of Adult and Graduate Education

Dietetic Internship Program

Remote/Distance Track

Interns that choose the Remote/Distance Track are responsible for securing their own rotation sites and preceptors for all supervised practice experiences. This allows interns the opportunity to design a rotation schedule that aligns with their professional goals and begin making contacts in the community of their choice.

Interns will only have to travel to Cedar Crest College once to complete a one week orientation on campus (typically scheduled in July right before the internship begins)

NOTE: Cedar Crest College cannot currently support supervised practice rotations in California.

Online Master’s In Nutrition

During the internship, remote/distance interns will earn 12 graduate credits that can transfer to Cedar Crest College’s ONLINE graduate program (Master’s in Nutrition).

Online classes include:

Distance track interns have the option of dual enrollment in the Dietetic Internship and Cedar Crest College’s ONLINE graduate program (Master’s in Nutrition) degree.

Distance track interns who choose dual enrollment, will be required to take 6 additional graduate credits during their internship totaling 18 graduate credits.

Additional Online classes include:

NOTE: Students will have full time graduate status during the DI for financial aid assistance.




Please see How to Apply/Distance Track




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