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Welcome to the Lutz Center for Community Service where you can make a difference by impacting our local and global communities. We provide the campus community with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to recognize, advocate and effect positive social change in an ever-transforming global society. 

The Lutz Center oversees community service, community tutoring (formerly America Reads/America Counts), experiential learning and Alternative Spring Break for the campus. We are a link between Cedar Crest College and Greater Lehigh Valley. We provide our support and services to students, faculty, staff, alumnae and the community. If there is a specific community service opportunity that you would like to do, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Lutz Center is available for you, not only to benefit your resume, but to fulfill your commitment to your community. 


For active students, all community service opportunities are posted on our GivePulse. Here you will be able to review opportunities, learn more about our volunteer opportunities, register for opportunities, and connect with others who are volunteering with you. If you are a commuter or distance learner who would like information on local sites, please contact the Assistant Director for Community Engagement and Leadership Development at any time to discuss volunteer opportunities in your area that meet your availability and interest. 

Student at Strawberry Festival


Alumnae/i can contact the Assistant Director for Community Engagement and Leadership Development at any time to discuss volunteer opportunities in your area that meet your availability and interest. 

Reunion Lunch


If you are interested in having Cedar Crest College volunteer at one of your events or on site, please reach out to or 610-606-4666 x3392. Given our semesters that impact students’ time on campus, please be advised that the most viable volunteer opportunities are between September – November and February – April.  

Curtis Hall

Alternative Spring Break

The Lutz Center for Community Service has hosted Alternative Spring Break programs for over 25 years! In its most recent iterations, students have been embarking on an “In the Valley, For the Valley” Alternative Spring Break initiative. The “In the Valley, For the Valley” model focuses on sharing our Greater Lehigh Valley community needs, businesses, and sites to our students without requiring a cost to attend the program. Students who elect to attend the program spend their week of Spring Break serving their local Greater Lehigh Valley communities.  

“There is so much more to the Greater Lehigh Valley than you think. I’ve lived here for most of my life and had no other knowledge of the Lehigh Valley besides my life at college and in my house. I can easily say that ASB plays a big role in my increasing attachment to the Lehigh Valley. Getting to know the amazing community and opportunities here more and more everyday during ASB is something I will always be grateful for.”

Maliha ‘24 

“ASB is a fun way to get around and explore the Lehigh Valley especially for full time students who wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. It’s an excellent way to pull back the curtain on what we normally see in the valley and discovering a new side.”

Mary ‘23 

“Each day provided a new opportunity to volunteer in the Valley. It’s a great way to meet new people at Cedar Crest. I really enjoyed the variety of volunteer sites and that they were spread throughout the Valley. Exploring each town was lovely and I’ve found amazing places that I want to go to again.”

Niko ‘24

“I think ASB was a truly unique experience out of everything we’re offered a chance to experience at Cedar Crest. Staying in the valley and learning about the communities around us is a valuable part of learning to be a help in our city instead of just passively present. Every bit was intentional and all of us experienced something new to take away from it.”

Jayden ‘24 

“Alternative Spring Break was an experience that I didn’t know I needed, but one that I sincerely valued. Between environmental, social, and emotional impact, I felt so much freer than I ever thought I would. Being able to help so many people felt really good, and understanding the impact it had on their lives brought me to reality. I never thought I could learn so much just through a 40-hr week of being out & about in the valley, but it has been so much more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.”

Rosie ‘23