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4YG: The Four-Year Guarantee

One of the many reasons Cedar Crest College stands out above the rest is our Four-Year Guaranteed Graduation agreement. We extend this offer to all qualified graduates enrolled in any of the four-year degree programs (with the exception of nuclear medicine technology.)

This guarantee requires that students agree to the following:

  • Assume responsibility for monitoring academic requirements.
  • Enroll for four continuous years.
  • Remain in good academic standing.
  • Complete 30 new credits selected in consultation with an academic advisor in each academic year.
  • Meet regularly with their academic advisors.
  • Satisfy the GPA requirements of their respective majors and the administrative requisites of the College.

Below are the 4YG contracts for first-time, first-year Traditional students who started at Cedar Crest in Fall 2016 (Class of 2020). 4YG contracts for students who started in previous Fall semesters can be found in My.CedarCrest.

Frequently asked questions about the 4YG program are also available in My.CedarCrest.

4YG Contracts