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Department of Performing Arts
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The performing arts programs at Cedar Crest College reach far beyond developing the talents of gifted actors and dancers. We provide multiple perspectives and experiences for understanding dance and theatre as disciplines of study. As a liberal arts college, we emphasize how the performing arts connect with other academic fields of study. We also will provide you with a framework in which to explore your creativity and express yourself—both artistically and intellectually.

Together, your experiences in the performing arts programs at Cedar Crest College will prepare you to be a strong, creative, confident leader. Graduates of our programs have gone on to professional careers in the performing arts, graduate studies, or rewarding roles in community performances, which they pursue alongside another career path.

The performing arts curriculum and performance opportunities at Cedar Crest College are designed to benefit all members of the college community.

If you are deeply committed to a career in the arts, the department will prepare you for graduate work and entry into the workforce as an emerging artist in a diverse arts industry.

If you are pursuing another academic major, the performing arts department provides opportunities to gain valuable, transportable leadership skills.

By participating in the performing arts program at Cedar Crest College, you will:

  • Work collaboratively
  • Think independently
  • Participate in stage productions and concerts, both onstage and backstage
  • Explore themes that affect society and the human condition
  • Focus on issues that challenge women, nationally and internationally

We invite you to meet with our faculty, tour our facilities, and talk to us about the role that you would like the performing arts to play in your college experience.

The Cedar Crest College Advantage

Faculty and Peer Mentorship programs
Mentoring by faculty and peers through a number of group sessions assists in developing both your performance and presentation skills.

Multiple performance opportunities
Perform in a variety of shows and concerts, beginning your first semester of enrollment and continuing throughout your four-year program.

A unique curriculum
Our coursework directly links classroom instruction with onstage and backstage experiences.

Career networking and internships
Our students have successfully completed internships with many local and national arts organizations and theatres. We also will help you audition/interview for nationwide summer stock theatre.

Women’s leadership
You will develop your leadership, communication and teamwork skills by working on productions with other students.

Multicultural experiences
Enhance your cultural awareness through involvement in multicultural performances.

The Benefits of Participating in the Performing Arts

The performing arts programs at Cedar Crest College reach far beyond developing the talents of gifted actors designers, and dancers. As a student in our program, you will:

  • Enhance your performance skills through coursework and stage productions, beginning your first year
  • Gain a breadth of knowledge regarding the arts as an academic discipline, enabling you to become a more informed, insightful arts advocate
  • Learn theory and skills necessary to create, perform and direct original works
  • Become a more educated observer of the performing arts
  • Develop and learn to articulately and express a personal point of view about about the arts—support and research creative projects
  • Through a double major or minor, find liberal arts connections by exploring the relationship of the performing arts to other majors

Skills Developed Through the Arts

  • Creative thinking
  • Self-discipline
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Self-confidence
  • Leadership
  • Research
  • Teamwork
  • Global awareness

Mission Statement

The mission of the performing arts majors at Cedar Crest College is to encourage and develop individual artists, to prepare students for future study in the performing arts, and to make available multiple perspectives in dance, theatre, creative writing and music through experiential work, foundational information and skills for all students and offer individual mentoring of advanced students.